Highschool sweethearts Danielle Ghaffari and CJ Watson marry in a lavish wedding in Las Vegas. Designed and produced by Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito.

From the moment we saw Andrea's work online, we knew she was "the one." She goes above and beyond for her clients and dedicates so much personal time and attention through out the entire planning process. We had 23 lovely months to spend with Andrea planning. Yes, you read 23 months correctly. LoL.

She went on countless dress shopping trips all over the country, many vendor meetings, photoshoot trips, countless lunch meetings and always gave me an honest opinion…NOT just what I wanted to hear.

On our wedding weekend there was not one time I stressed or worried about anything not going as planned. She keeps you in the loop and always ensures she picks the right vendors for your budget and style. She takes her expertise and your wants and meshes them together to create the best day of you life! I will never forget when she walked me into our venue for the first time. Everything was perfect and exactly what we envisioned.

If you are looking for the best stop your search! You have arrived!

Thank you Andrea and team for going above and beyond & making our special day so exquisite! xo

Danielle & CJ


High end wedding in Las Vegas

Choosing Andrea to be our planner was the single best decision we made about our wedding (other than choosing to marry each other, of course!).

After we had made the decision to work with Andrea, the most amazing things followed, and we had Andrea with us every step of the way to help us decide how to make our wedding the most beautiful day in a way that represented us as a couple. She truly loves what she does and this was immediately apparent from the first moment I spoke with her (after which I immediately hung up and told my fiancé that I needed her in our life). Andrea is an incredible listener and has a very beautiful and unique ability to take a vision and immediately know how to execute on it in the most stunning way. Breathtaking ideas seem to constantly flow from her mind. As a bride to be, having a true professional run point on every aspect of the planning, presenting gorgeous ideas for you to consider (when you didn’t even know these ideas were possible!) and having someone available at any time to make you feel that everything is being taken care of without issue is what you want and need. This is Andrea Eppolito.

Oh, and she does all of this while wearing a killer outfit, envy-worth stilettos and a smile.

Andrea loves romance, beauty, love, intricacies, details, elegance and luxe touches; everything she does reflects this. Never once did Andrea tell us that something we wanted couldn’t be done. An Andrea Eppolito wedding looks and feels like no other. The wedding that Andrea planned for us was incredible but also incredibly important were the days, weeks, months leading up to our special day. I loved every single call and meeting we had with Andrea; she got us even more excited than we already were. Her energy is contagious. I miss these daily interactions with her. I am so thankful that we had about a year with Andrea leading up to the wedding so that we could truly enjoy the process. Also enjoyed were the tiramisu, pizza, tartares and various other delicious treats we shared together in either Toronto or Las Vegas at planning meetings (not to mention the incredible tasting that Andrea arranged for us at the Bellagio – truly five star service).

Andrea knew which vendors would deliver on what we needed – and she nailed it. We were so happy with everyone that she introduced us to and that we used for the wedding. From décor and flowers to the string ensemble and DJ to the incredible catering team at the Bellagio, everyone that Andrea brought into our world was amazing. She kept reminding us to enjoy the planning, and that was so easy to do with her leading the way. Andrea made it her mission to plan the most gorgeous day for us – mission accomplished and more. She even surprised us the day of with some incredible touches to the reception (when I saw what she had done for us, it really challenged my ability to hold back the “ugly cry”, but I successfully did). It was the best day of our lives and still now, months after the wedding, our friends and family members still gush about how incredible the day was.

Andrea is an impeccable wedding planner who will plan the wedding of your dreams. Just say yes!

Aysha & Chase


Joti & Field rave about Destination Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito. Luxury wedding at Four Seasons included floating cake, chandeliers, and more! Photo by Stephen Salazar.

Being from the wedding planning/hospitality background , we have seen and experienced almost everything - so I had thought...until I met Andrea Eppolito! From our initial phone conversation to minutes before the event, Andrea tailored to our every unimaginable, outrageous, magical desires - she read us perfectly from the get go! 

Andrea introduced us to the idea of mermaids in the pool, a floating 7 tier - lit up- geod cake....yes lit up from the inside out, floating chandeliers, and these were just some of the breathtaking ideas. Andrea's connections in the wedding industry are all top notch - Ceci of New York (wedding invites), DBD Vegas (decor), Four Seasons Las Vegas (Venue and AMAZING food), The Grand Bevy (molecular cocktails), Daniel Park & DJ Rodney (kept the party at full throttle) to name the least.

Andrea's services went well beyond just decor, she helped us source a stand-in wedding ring minutes before the event started (mine didn't get ready in time), she was literally wiping down the chairs by hand because it had rained lightly (they say rain is a blessing), she called/messaged me numerous times always asking "is there anything I can do for you?" Knowing our wedding was in Andrea's hands was the best decision we made - no stress - no excuses - only perfection! 

Andrea, we can't thank you enough for your patience, professionalism, and general kindness!

Let's start planning our 5 year anniversary - what do you have in mind?!

Joti & Field


5 Star Rating for luxury destination wedding planner Andrea Eppolito

Words cannot express my gratitude for Andrea and the AEE team. She was the best gift I could have asked for! Andrea is a perfectionist that wants everything done right with great taste, and realistic expectations regarding your budget and timeline. I was a California bride with a destination wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada and Andrea made the entire planning process incredibly manageable despite our distance. She kept me involved throughout the entire planning process, handled all vendor communication, budget and design, while keeping me looped in on every decision. She’s very thorough and did her best to turn my ideas (no matter how little or big) into a reality. It’s almost like she was reading my mind! Andrea executed my wedding flawlessly and made the planning process enjoyable. If there was ever a last minute adjustment that need to be made, Andrea was on top of it and had it under control. She’s a trustworthy partner that’s worth every penny. Brides (and grooms!) please do yourself a favor and hire AEE!

Marie & Carlos


Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito Bride Jennifer Hixson

20....that's the number of months we took to plan our wedding, but it is also the number of months we took to get to know Andrea Eppolito. 

What started out as a marketing email sent by her through LinkedIn several years ago, grew into a professional then personal relationship. At the time she sent the email, I wasn't even engaged then, but I kept her name bookmarked and you can only guess who was the first person I emailed the VERY NEXT DAY after I got engaged on Christmas 2014!!! We met right after the new year and talked for about 3 hours! Not only did Andrea ask her "wedding planner" questions, but our conversation quickly involved all the things that friends usually talk about...I felt like I knew her for YEARS!!! It was at THAT moment I knew she was our "person."

I showed Andrea a picture early on of a cake we fell in love with...and let me tell you, it was no ordinary cake. What was once only a dream, Andrea MADE SURE to make it a reality for us!!!! Not only did Andrea use this single picture as inspiration to create our one of a kind  wedding cake that our family and friends are still raving and bragging about, she used that inspiration to also create this AMAZING and ever so SPARKLY wedding that will forever take my breath away....LITERALLY! 

I also remember the first time (out of many) that Andrea checked in on me the day of the wedding while I was getting ready, to explain any changes that she made to the ceremony or ballroom design (I know she wanted it to be perfect for us)...she then proceeded to ask if I wanted to see pictures...I'm guessing for the reason I might stress about what those changes may look like. Sure you know what things look like on paper and what you, furniture and such, but to see it come to life is a whole different thing. I told Andrea that I didn't want to see any pictures and I don't need any explanation...that I trusted her, WHICH I DID WHOLEHEARTEDLY!! I remember when the drapes opened to expose me to not only the ceremony space FOR THE FIRST TIME, but to my two sons waiting on each side for me to take their arm and walk me down the aisle, how I COULDN'T BREATH because of how amazing and gorgeous the space was!!! To an already VERY EMOTIONAL day, MY BREATH WAS LITERALLY TAKEN AWAY and I had to work that much harder to hold back the tears...because who likes an ugly crier....right??? :)

The bottom line, Andrea is AMAZING and Andrea is and always will be considered our close friend. All she wanted for us was to be happy and create a day that was designed entirely and solely FOR US...and she worked extra hard and did what she had to do to make that happen...WITHOUT LIMITS! 

Andrea, thank you for all you do!! You always say "thank you for picking me"....well, THANK YOU for the opportunity for us to be able to pick you!!! You have given us the gift of a timeless and forever memorable wedding that we will always be in love with! Thank you for representing exactly who we are and fulfilling our dreams....

With much love and gratitude,

Jennifer & Zane Weber


Andrea gave us the wedding of our dreams. We connected with Andrea through our venue (Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas) and from the first lunch we had with her, my parents and I knew that she would make our wedding truly special. What she produced was above even our wildest, most spectacular dreams! Andrea listened to our vision for a romantic, wistful, traditional Jewish wedding and gave us everything we envisioned and more. Every detail was thoroughly thought out. Her vendor suggestions were spot on. She was organized, professional, energetic, and fun!

Leading up to the wedding, so many people, knowing what a large production it was going to be, asked if I was stressed about the big day. My response was always "No, we have Andrea!" Having that piece of mind when my husband and I were about to embark on such a large life event was worth every penny. Knowing that we could show up for the wedding weekend and not be worried about any detail was such a relief. Andrea has a lot of wonderful qualities.

She's detail-oriented, she's creative, she's a great listens. However, Andrea's best quality is her huge heart. She truly wants her couples and their families to be happy and she is always aware that this is one of the most important days in your life. She makes you feel like you are the most important person in her life at the moment, and that is not as easy feat. I can honestly say that Andrea is a friend and we will stay close even though our big day has passed.

Sammy & Ian


Luxury Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito gets a 5 Star Rating.

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, just wait until you hire an amateur." (Red Adair). Andrea essentially functioned as the architect, engineer, and construction manager for the entire wedding planning process. My wife and I had a relatively relaxed and chill attitude about the wedding. We wanted a wedding in Vegas, and we wanted something memorable for all of our guests. We wanted an experience. As an accountant and lawyer couple, that's as far as our creativity and imagination could take us. Everything that followed was the birth child of Andrea. Andrea took that shred of information and turned it into a theme and vision. We trusted her, and gave her creative freedom, and were very happy with where she took it. At every step of the process, she was not the kind of planner to take "her vision" and make "her taste" ... "your wedding." She put together the right team of vendors and suppliers. She provided us with ideas an inspiration, even when we seemed confused and indecisive. During the wedding itself, we had several minor emergencies and one major emergency, which she handled and addressed very professionally. If I were to win the $1.3 billion Powerball and get married all over again, I would definitely go with Andrea for the second go around (with the same partner, of course). Overall, very happy and satisfied. She crafted and managed a wonderful experience. It is so nice to see people out there who are so disciplined and passionate about their work and the people they work with.

Anna & Angelo


Award Winning Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito with Janylle Radden and Zach Alter

Our wedding was flawless. Everything came together perfectly and it looked spectacular. Andrea was incredibly helpful every step of the way. Living in Manhattan and being married in Las Vegas meant we couldn't have navigated vendors nearly as well without her and all of her recommendations were fantastic. We worked together for quite awhile and hashed out all of the details of course, but when the big day actually came, I realized even further that Andrea's help was immeasurable. Anything we needed was handled quickly and efficiently - she managed all of the vendors, the entire bridal party (including both sets of divorced parents), grandparents, the two of us and her own assistants and she didn't miss a beat. Hiring her was not cheap and now, having seen everything come to fruition, I completely understand why. I highly recommend Andrea Eppolito Events for a unique, fun, perfectly executed event that is guaranteed to match your vision.

Janylle & Zach


Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito with Anna Lyssa and DJ at their backyard estate wedding

My favorite part of working with Andrea was that she was absolutely up to conquering whatever vision that we had for our wedding. Having a backyard wedding may sound easy, but it actually requires much more coordination and planning since it is not an actual venue. In addition to having to coordinate the flow of the event, we also incorporated untraditional elements into our wedding that made things even more atypical. Andrea was up for whatever we wanted to have the very best day possible. She knew how to guide us, offer suggestions and then execute, even if it was a verrrry last minute photo booth! To say that we had the wedding of our dreams and the best day of our lives is an understatement. I wish I could re-live that day every day. It is because of Andrea Eppolito Events that we are blessed with experiencing a dream wedding come true!

Anna Lyssa & DJ


Luxury Las Vegas Wedding Planner. Andrea Eppolito. Best Wedding Planner in Las Vegas.

Andrea is without a doubt the best planner in Las Vegas. I'm new to Vegas and I needed someone to help me plan the wedding of my dreams. Hiring a planner was a gift from my husband to me.  I'm an extremely detailed person and wanted everything just right, Andrea was the person to make this happen...she brought my dream to life!  She is so quick to respond to emails, she knows all of the best vendors in Vegas, and she will work with your budget.  

I really don't think you'll find a better planner anywhere!  Andrea went above and beyond for my husband and I.  We truly owe the success of our wedding day to her and her team.  She's the best!  My husband and I will be forever grateful for her professional service and generosity.

Don't think twice, just hire her already!

Stephanie & Justin



Once we got engaged last November, we knew right away we wanted to get married in Las Vegas. We have such good memories on vacations there and wanted to share this destination with our families and friends. We visited Las Vegas the following month, and unsure where to have it, visited multiple venues. We accumulated many packets of information, across many, many different venues in Las Vegas. Once we got home with all of the packets spread out, we were completely overwhelmed. The choices and price points were endless! We then took to Google, and searched for Wedding Planners in Las Vegas, and found a few names. We sent out emails for help, and of the ones we sent, Andrea Eppolito immediately responded (within minutes!) with a personal email, and her contact information to set up a call. From the other planners we reached out to, we received form emails back… nothing personable about that at all! After our first call, we knew we knew wanted Andrea right away. Plus her love notes of all her successful weddings from her webpage made us feel confident that our wedding was in the right hands. Within a few days, based on our budget she helped prepare, we had our venue and date set for Ghostbar at the Palms! A few days later, she had our own personalized Wedding Page set up we could share with our guests, which also served as a convenient Save the Date! Over the next few weeks, our planning moved at lightning speed, but was never overwhelming. Every aspect of our wedding from the photographs, to the hair and make-up, Andrea gave us various choices for us to pick from keeping our pre-determined budget into consideration. We came out to Vegas the following April for our engagement photographs and food/cake tasting (yum!), which Andrea helped us set up, and even escorted us to both sites. She was so personable with us during this time, and throughout the whole wedding process, which made us feel even more at ease with our upcoming wedding. Whenever we needed to talk, email or text message, Andrea always responded right away. By the time the end of May came, we had finished up all the major planning. Before we broke for the summer, Andrea wrote up a perfect summary of our relationship up until the engagement, which was wonderful to share with our families and friends. The day of the wedding was finally upon us. We had a personalized timeline for each of us to follow, to know exactly how the day would go. Andrea was with us the whole day, constantly running from place to place to make sure it all went to plan. She helped all of the ladies with getting ready, placed the floral arrangements, and even coordinated the setup of our First Look! During the reception, she made time to make each of us plates of the food, and helped make suggestions to our photographers. All of our guests commented to us what we already knew; what a wonderful job Andrea did, and what a relief it must have been for us to have her, which we wholeheartedly agreed. Then we heard the words we always wanted to hear from our guests, “this, by far, is the best wedding we have ever attended”. Music to our ears and a true testament to the greatest decision we made by choosing Andrea Eppolito as our wedding planner. Thanks Andrea, we could not have had such a successful wedding without you. You are truly one of a kind, and incredibly amazing! I am so lucky to be an Andrea Eppolito bride!

Crystal & Rob


Wedding at The Venetian Las Vegas. Las Vegas Wedding Planner. Best Destination Wedding Planner Las Vegas.

Like many of you reading this review, I debated with myself if I needed a wedding planner. I am the typical Type A personality that cares about every detail being done right. I wanted a luxurious romantic wedding with forest and renaissance details that my guests and I would never forget. Would someone I didn't even know be able to understand the vision in my head and bring it to life? And, like many of you, I debated if I should spend money on having a planner or use it elsewhere in my budget.

I can honestly say hiring Andrea was single-handedly the best decision I made.

Andrea knew exactly what questions to ask me (and my groom) to gather the details that were important to us. She also knew exactly when to contact me about the wedding and when to just let us relax and think about things ourselves. Between my groom being deployed overseas, and then moving across the country, we had a hectic enough year and plenty on our plates. Andrea made planning our wedding fun and exciting. Her connections with vendors and venues not only gave us the best bang for our buck but also made it possible for us to have a wedding in a venue that normally is exclusive to its own internal team. (And it was my dream venue!) She made things easy by presenting us with fully researched and concise options for vendors, it was easy just to pick from a few options. And occasionally when the options didn't work for me, Andrea would be back with others. It was great to have things presented so simply rather than looking for vendors ourselves browsing long lists.

On our wedding day, I was all smiles all day long. Andrea and her team brought my dream wedding to life. Andrea was there all day long taking care that all details were in order and keeping us on schedule. I felt like a princess and could truly relax and enjoy our special day. On top of planning the actual big day, Andrea also helped us plan a beautiful rehearsal dinner and had great suggestions for a cabana day at the pool for the day after the wedding. This brought everything together and made our destination wedding a complete event. The wedding exceeded our guest's expectations and everyone told us how well done every detail was. 

I was so happy to be an "Andrea Eppolito" bride!

And a Note From The Groom ~  As the groom, my only requirement for the wedding day was that my bride got everything she wanted. As you can see, Andrea and her team made that happen without a hitch. The months leading up to the wedding, which are usually hectic, were pretty care free as my bride passed ideas to Andrea and everything fell into place. Without Andrea, this destination wedding would have been impossible to plan. Andrea knew everything that needed to happen and how it would occur, much better than I ever did. All I had to do was show up… and I bet there was a plan even if I didn’t do that.

Karolina & Ross


Wedding at Bellagio by Las Vegas Best Wedding Planner

Firstly, this has taken me so long to write because I just can't put into words...just how beautiful our wedding was a fairytale....and this was because of Andrea, her passion, love of weddings and talent. We live in Sydney Australia. I am from Melbourne and my husband is from Ireland, it was always going to be a challenge when it came to planning an international wedding! We were engaged in Las Vegas, while there thought, this would be perfect, half way for both families and everyone will be in a "holiday mode"! This will be easy! Not so easy...each Hotel claim to have a "wedding planner", they don't. They have a employee that books weddings. We looked into venues, trying to call with the time difference was always a challenge. The stress was then getting to us both. My husband then did a brilliant thing, looked online for 'real' wedding planners and found Andrea. Yes, we found Andrea online! We sent an email, arranged to Skype, and that was it, sold! She just got us, she got weddings and we felt an instant connection. Within two weeks we had everything booked. The venue (Bellagio - Susan Tran), photographer (Alft), videographer (Something New), DJ (Mike Fox), String Trio (Classical Entertainment), Hair & Make-up (Make-up in the 702), Flowers & Decor (Naakiti) and Officiant (Jimmy Mac). The Dream Team!!! Initially, I gave Andrea a little direction but I left most of it up to her, the decor, flowers, layout, etc. This is what she does, this is why you hire her, she is the expert, trust her and let her work her magic and you will also have a fairytale wedding that will be unforgettable. She is fabulous, she is funny, warm, passionate and so talented at what she does. Our wedding day was much more than I could have dreamed of. It was the fairytale every girl dreams of....thank you Andrea. Love R&Rx

Rebecca & Ross


Premiere Wedding Planner Las Vegas

Andrea brings the east coast to Vegas with her no-nonsense & CUSTOMER-focused approach....and let's be clear, the CUSTOMER in a wedding is the BRIDE....she proactively addressed issues (while we relocated to Australia), and then continued to serve as our voice, always seeking solutions, addressing needs, and handling the event as if it were her own. She has a keen ability to make a connection with her couple. On our wedding day, she handled all events but throughout the process, she served as sister, partner, and friend. Look no further if you are interested in a event focused on FABULOUS!!!! Our vision was brought to life due to Andrea's tenacity, network, and pro-active approach. If you want someone to listen and deliver, you have found it!!! 

Andrea, I love you!  I am humbled, honored, blessed, and so grateful!  xxxooo

Jessica & Juan


Destination Wedding Planner in Las Vegas, San Diego, and world wide.

Andrea and her team single handedly saved my wedding day. I had a less then perfect bridal party. They did not show up when/where they were suppose to, they didn't do what was asked and didn't focus their attention on me as many brides hope for that day. But Andrea made sure that I was consistently reminded that the day was about me. She would tell me, I am the bride nothing happens without me or It's my day so whatever I want. She never sounded like this is my job and I have to tell the crazed bride this, but a true friend who loves me and wanted the best for my day. She didn't let me know one thing that was going on behind the scenes, and come to find out there were a lot (none of which were because of her, mostly related to family). But she also took a small vision I had for my wedding day and made it a fairy tale. I would love to say I was super organized, however, I was not and Andrea was able to go through all my accessories, ideas, purchases, and make into a wedding I couldn't have even dreamed of. When I walked into the room my breath was taken away. Andrea was amazing in every way! It didn't matter if I had to call her about a mundane detail or needed someone to calm me down during the craziness of the wedding she provided me with everything I could ever had needed or wanted, often before I even asked for it. My wedding day would not have happened the way it did without Andrea and I will forever be grateful for all the work she did for me.

Amanda & Phillip


Celebrity Wedding Planner Las Vegas | Professional Athlete Wedding | Football Player Gets Married

Andrea is an amazing Wedding Planner! She is definitely 5 Stars!  Andrea was able to take my dreams and my thoughts and turn them into a reality!  

She worked with my husband our families to ensure that we incorporated all of our cultures, our parents, and out children. But most of all, she helped add special touches and custom pieces so that our wedding felt like ours....and nobody else's!  We had never seen anything like it!

We can't thank you enough, Andrea!

Halona & Rocky Bernard


testimonial for las vegas wedding planner


As I start to write this review I find myself at a loss for words because there are so many wonderful things I want to say. 

I contacted Andrea the Saturday after I got engaged. I just had emailed her through her website. She responded immediately! She was working a wedding out of town but still took the time to email me explaining that she was doing a wedding and set up a time to talk the next day. I have been so impressed and happy with her communication throughout these whole 8 months. She answered my calls, texts, emails, facebooks, etc...morning, noon, and night! 

Andrea went above and beyond on so many occasions. This included me dragging her to dinners, went to every single meeting with every vendor, site inspections, walk throughs, you name it she was there! When my parents moved shortly after the planning process started, Andrea immediately stepped in and became my family. She even was with me through every dress fitting! 

Whenever a "problem" would arise during this process I truly felt safe and secure knowing Andrea was working on it. There wasn't anything that she can't fix or can confidently change. She adapted to everything thrown at us, including being told by our ceremony site we had to move it two weeks prior to the wedding! 

Andrea was able to lead me in the right direction when choosing vendors. She helped me find a florist, DJ, caterer, venues, dress maker, bakery for the cake, photographer and videographer. She kept in constant contact with all vendors throughout the whole process. When they big day finally arrived everyone was updated with the timeline and knew exactly what to do. It helped the whole day run smoothly. 

There isn't a day that has gone by that my family doesn't talk about how thankful we are for Andrea. Without her, my wedding would have never reached its potential. I STRONGLY recommend Andrea for all of your wedding or event needs. Simply put, she is AMAZING!!!

Haylee & Bryan


Gay Wedding Planner Las Vegas | Same Sex Wedding Planner Las Vegas

Where do I even begin?! We planned a destination wedding in Chicago (as marriage equality only recently became a reality in our home state of Nevada). My husband and I were very particular and hands-on throughout the almost year-long planning process, often alternating in the role of "Groomzilla," but Andrea handled us like a true professional, with grace and charm, always keeping us in line and on track to create an unforgettable event. The weekend of our wedding, we encountered a series of unfortunate events - including losing our hair/makeup artist for the grooms and moms and a minor incident at the Aurora Radar Control Tower that only wiped out all flights to O'Hare, Midway, and Milwaukee) and left 25+ guests stranded in random cities or just stuck at home. Andrea helped us keep everything under control and calmed our nerves, reminding us that certain things are just out of our control. When it came to anything that remained within our control, though, Andrea was on top of it. With her help, we transformed a fairly standard suburban country club banquet room into a fantasy event fit for royalty, surpassing all expectations. Everything we wanted and more. People in the neighboring wedding couldn't help but peek with curiosity, with countless attempts by their guests to crash our wedding (can't blame them). The entire night was flawless and unforgettable. Andrea has a personal touch unlike any ordinary planner. Not one detail was overlooked, and most importantly, we didn't have to worry about a thing, other than saying "I do" and dancing our tails off in celebration.To top it off, she wrote the most beautiful blog with behind-the-scenes photos that truly captured the spirit of the night. Being able to share that with the guests who didn't make it was priceless and made everyone feel like they were there. Thank you Andrea for making my dreams come true and for being such a special part of the Best. Day. Ever.


Wedding at Four Seasons Las Vegas

My wedding planner Andrea saved our wedding so many times. She has been so SO so amazing!

She knows about so many aspects of event planning that I never even knew about. Her taste is very high end and classy. She is quick thinking, especially in a jam! She is easily reachable whenever I am having a meltdown.

She is excellent at what she does! I highly recommend her!!!


Las Vegas Destination Wedding Planner

“Your wedding is the classiest, most beautiful event I’ve ever attended.”

It’s been almost a year since I married the love of my life, and I still hear this quote from everyone we know. This is not due to a gargantuan budget, or months of meticulous fine-tuning; it is solely due to the talent and professionalism of Andrea Eppolito.

I’d finally found the perfect man, but when it came to planning my perfect day, I was clueless and completely overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to start or how to budget our money. I didn’t know how to find reliable vendors, and I was struggling to coordinate a wedding party that was flying in from six different states!

I was concerned that Andrea would not be able to work with me because she is based out of Las Vegas, and the wedding would be held in Tucson, Arizona. To make matters more complicated, my groom was living in Washington. Not only did she not shy away from the challenge of a destination wedding, she was excited to highlight the flavor of the local community…a detail that was very important to my family and in-laws.

Andrea helped me create a functional budget and educated me about realistic quotes from vendors. She taught me how to allocate our money in a way that was affordable but didn’t sacrifice quality. Perhaps most importantly, she encouraged me to incorporate my quirky ideas into the wedding to keep the event personal and unique. My husband and I had taken some of our engagement photos in a library, and I wanted to somehow involve books in our wedding décor. I was quick to second-guess my idea and told Andrea I was scrapping it. She wisely told me, “Don’t. Your love of books is something special about your relationship. That’s what a wedding is supposed to be- showcasing your love and who you are as a couple. That is what will make your event memorable.” Andrea came up with the idea of finding classic love stories at used bookstores and incorporating them into the centerpieces. The guests raved about the look and theme.

When the day of the event arrived, Andrea somehow corralled our squabbling bridesmaids and rowdy groomsmen into a timeline that took the stress off my shoulders and allowed me to focus on enjoying the big day. Every detail was taken care of, and the event was seamless.

Some people approach their job with a “let’s get it done” attitude. Andrea raises her craft to an art form, and dedicates herself to creating beautiful memories for starry-eyed couples. She is innovative while timeless, hilarious while professional, and above all, gracious and lovely. I’m immensely proud of the wedding she produced for us, and even more delighted to now call her my friend. 

Lori & Brian


Las vegas Wedding Planner Lake Las Vegas

Andrea is an amazing wedding planner!! She helped my husband and I to have the wedding our dreams. She helped put us in contact with amazing vendors that helped to create an unforgettable day, that went off without a hitch. Andrea was so great at dealing with my OCD and always getting back to me right away, no matter day or night. I couldn't imagine our wedding without her and wouldn't recommend anyone plan a wedding or event without Andrea! She is more than just our wedding planner, she is part of our family now!

And a personal note to Andrea - Thank you sooo much for everything, Andrea!!! I can never thank you enough for helping to give me the wedding of my dreams!  Everything you did was absolutely beautiful!

! I loved it - you made me cry! Thank you sooo much for being a part of our lives!

Amy & Eric


Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito with Michelle and Michael Tran at Siena Golf Club Wedding

So many of my friends told me that the wedding planning process was going to be extremely stressful. Through my process I didn't find it to be very stressful at all and I know the reason is because I worked with Andrea! I can't imagine having gone through the wedding planning process without her by my side. She helps you with your vision for the big day and then guides you to vendors that will help carry out your dream.

Andrea was my best assest during the planning process, but on the actual wedding day is when you will really be amazed by her organization skills and experience. I actually enjoyed my wedding day because that was all I had to do! People have told me that it was the most beautiful wedding that they have been to. They have also said they have never seen a bride and groom have so much fun and be such a part of the party. Thank you Andrea!!

Michelle & Mike


When I first started planning the wedding, I was skeptical that I needed a planner. The venue offered a day of coordinator and I figured I could plan the rest. As a wedding caterer and restaurant owner, I had worked closely with many planners and knew how the process worked. However, about mid-way into the process, I realized that I just wasn't going to have the time to finish all the planning so I decided to blindly search for wedding planners. 

I talked to many different coordinators and planners. Most planners were all about the same and offered the same services for about the same price. Then, I stumbled upon Andrea Eppolito Events. She was the only one that I talked to that actually asked me REAL questions about my wedding. She actually WANTED to know all the details of my big day and what MY vision was. It wasn't just the same basic questions that everyone else asked. She wanted to know me on a personal level and made me feel comfortable that I would have someone to help guide me through the entire process. I'll be honest and say she wasn't the least expensive planner I found, but the service she offered was WORTH EVERY PENNY and more. 

Leading up the wedding, she negotiated with all the vendors for me and got discounts that I wouldn't have otherwise gotten. Her knowledge and contacts within the industry were invaluable in helping me select the right vendors to get the job done at the price I was comfortable with. It cut my planning time in half! On top of that, knowing that she was with me every step of the way made me feel comfortable that on the day of the wedding, she would know EXACTLY what I wanted. We ran into some huge issues with the vendors and knowing that I had Andrea handling things made me feel at ease and stress free.

On the day of the wedding, she showed up with four people to help coordinate the events of the day. She was organized, efficient, and on point. Her timeline was met to perfection and the entire night went off without a snag. During the ENTIRE night, from start to finish, I didn't worry about a SINGLE thing. Do you know how amazing it is to actually be able to ENJOY your wedding day without worrying about a single thing? That alone was priceless. My vision for the wedding was executed to perfection and I had nothing to do with it besides communicating what I wanted. Andrea made everything happen and the wedding was beyond my imagination. 

To top it all off, just to show you what a trooper she is and how dedicated she is to her profession, she actually BROKE HER FOOT during the day trying to assist at the first look photo session and managed to work through the entire night on it. She was unstoppable! She was caring, compassionate, and even lent me her own personal diamond earrings for the wedding. 

Hiring Andrea was the best decision I ever made and it was because of her that the wedding was so successful. I attend, cater, assist, and help plan weddings all the time, but the service she provided was beyond expectations. 

I'm sure there was so much more that went on behind the scenes and so many things that could have gone wrong....but I was blissfully unaware. Andrea made the night and I guarantee she will do the same for every one of her brides. 

Thank you Andrea for such an amazing job!!! I want to get married again because you made it so easy to do!

Alice & Jimmy


Chateau Wedding by Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito.

My husband and I had some ideas of what we wanted for our wedding. Andrea immediately understood our vision and style - and she delivered that and more!

Since this was a destination wedding, we really counted on Andrea to keep it all together for us. She understood the importance of communication and listened to our needs. We spoke to Andrea on the phone weekly and exchanged multiple emails. She was always prompt to respond and always in a timely manner. She always made time for us and was super flexible on the number of times we could email, call, and text. We really appreciated it when she would ask us, “is there anyone else I can do for you?”

She worked with us to identify vendors and was helpful in working within our budget. She even coordinated shipments of all of our wedding items. Not only that, but she was kind of enough to let us borrow some of her own personal items for our big day. She kept us focused and on track throughout the planning process. She took out a lot of wedding stress associated with planning a destination wedding for us. Her organizational skills, dedication to detail, and professionalism is excellent. The quality of her work is truly invaluable.

Our wedding day went flawlessly. If there were any issues, we didn’t know about it. All of our friends and family members loved her and her entire team. She made sure things moved along as scheduled but was always flexible.

She really was more than just a planner to us. She was someone that gave us advice and even helped us with events outside the wedding. She put us in touch with someone for our bachelor/bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and she even helped me pick out my hairpiece! What we loved most about Andrea is how genuinely passionate she is about what she does. We could not have done this without her. She and her team did so much more than we expected.

One of the best decisions we made was hiring Andrea – highly recommended.

My-Lee & James


Interfaith Bellagio Wedding by Luxury Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito.

Being somewhat of a self-proclaimed OCD bride, I was not sure that I needed a wedding planner...until Andrea came into the picture, that is! Andrea will do things for you that you didn't even realize you needed, which is why you need her. She was so organized, so helpful, and beyond on top of everything. She was always easy to reach and available. Planning from out of town could be stressful, but she took a lot of the stress out of that. She brings a whole team with her on your wedding day to make sure everything is flawless. I can't say enough great things about Andrea. You won't be sorry if you hire her to make your wedding day perfect.

Marci & Mike


Outdoor wedding by Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito.

Words cannot express how truly amazing Andrea Eppolito & Eppolito Events is. My husband and I were wed on May 20, 2012. We received Andrea’s contact information from a mutual contact and were told we MUST speak to her. We thought there was no way we could foresee using a wedding planner. However working with Andrea showed us true compassion in the wedding industry. Before meeting her we were treated as dollar signs when calling around different venues. That aspect of Andrea Eppolito Events was truly priceless. Andrea personally responded to all of our correspondence and went so far above and beyond a “wedding planner”. At times she played mentor, mother nurturer. In true form to know Andrea is to love her. The details were created with Andrea’s sensational technique of designing an overall concept for the event including feelings and emotion. From the color scheme to the music she helped us create “our day”. In my own mind I have been planning my wedding since I was a young child and Andrea perfected that vision and made sure to assist in exceeding my dreams. She truly was/is a Dream Come True for Me. She was caring and showed true compas sion for our wedding and will forever be a part of our happiest memory. Our marriage and love is unique to us, but in a city and world dominated by monetary wealth Eppolito Events remains priceless. She did not create the event, which she could have easily done, what she did was make OUR vision a reality!

Rebecca & Andrew


Luxury Elopement at Hyde Bellagio by Destination Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito.

To the vivacious, creative, one-of-a-kind Andrea, our quintessential planner,Tony and I want to thank you for listening to us and proceeding on to create a day we will never forget. From the flowers and musicians, to the perfect minister and finally to the ceremony venue itself you touched our hearts with your amazing attention to detail while putting us at ease to have a blast.You introduced us to some of Las Vegas’ most important vendors like Adam Trujillo Photography. His images of our day take my breath away. We all remember when my perfect hair and makeup by “Your Beauty Call” came together flawlessly in my suite only to be compromised by the tears brought to my eyes when I saw Naakiti’s bouquet created for me! What a fabulous morning. Because of both personality and profession my whole life has been centered on pleasing other people. Thank you for taking this off my shoulders so that for this one important occasion, Tony and I could think of only pleasing each other.We love you and will always remain…

Friends for a lifetime,

Margaret & Tony 


To all brides out there – if you are looking for a wedding planner who treats you like a VIP, responds to you ASAP on all matters, has great creative ideas on everything (things you didn’t think of!), acts as a superb advisor, is super organized down to the last detail, is well plugged-in with all sorts of great vendors, is an incredibly energetic and sweet individual, and who clearly is a romantic at heart who loves all things wedding…ANDREA EPPOLITO is it. I had reached out to a number of planners from the East Coast where I live, and Andrea responded quickly and very personably – interviewing me to find out more about what I wanted vs. filling out a survey like some others. She has personality plus – so I really enjoyed the conversation – and thought hmmmmm if this is the type of service I have ahead for me, I am sold. And really, it was. I felt like the most important person in Andrea’s life and I am/was not – you will feel the same and it is so appreciated. I am a busy professional and my husband is busier still – she created a beautiful wedding for us and I will never forget her. The next best decision I made after selecting my man was selecting Andrea. FYI, I have truck loads of experience with event coordinators from my professional life in corporate. Andrea is a true diamond. Hire her. You will be so pleased you did. Andrea, two newlyweds who are now back in Manhattan following a gorgeous LV wedding say thank you and what would we have done without you!

Celia & David


I had the pleasure of working with Andrea for about 6 months before our October 2010 wedding date in Las Vegas. I was planning a destination wedding in Las Vegas from the East Coast and immediately felt comfortable speaking with Andrea. Andrea was interested in helping us and giving us what we needed. She was extremely helpful from 3000 miles away — even through my moments of panic.

Andrea assured me everything would be perfect. She was right! I couldn’t have asked for a better reception. We had about 40 people and Andrea helped me orgainze the menu in our price range and the space was set up exactly as we requested. Andrea was able to give us what we wanted and really listened to our budget, requests, emotions, etc… She made it more personal than just on paper in ink. For that I appreciate working with Andrea very much!

I would recommend Andrea any day and would use her again for anything I had to plan in the Las Vegas area.

Michele & Walt


Andrea is incredible! She planned my Vegas Surprise Proposal on the balcony of Caesars Palace and our FUN Vegas Wedding! The engagement was a complete surprise and the entire evening at BOA was perfect. She paid amazing attention to detail, the decor was stunning, she captured perfect pictures, had the chef prepare items not even on the menu, and organized a night full of surprises like champagne, rose petals, candles, show tickets, and the surprise of my family and friends being there for the event. This is on top of an amazing and beautiful proposal…she even got on video!

I was thrilled to have her organize our fun legal wedding with Elvis (our traditional wedding in Mexico was not legal). Again she pulled out all the stops to make sure everything was ready to go. I can not say enough about what a fantastic job she did and I would recommend her to ANYONE!

Danielle & Justin Szabo


Andrea was awesome! I had already heard great things and I was so excited to work with her that I booked her one day after I got engaged. It was a perfect day and I couldn't have had a more perfect wedding.


I can’t thank you enough for planning the perfect wedding day for Daniel and I!

You coordinated every detail perfectly and made everything so stress free and seamless for us.

I will recommend you to every bride-to-be I can, as every bride should have the amazing experience that I did with you! You are AMAZING!

Thank you!!

Nicki & Daniel Danilovic


You are amazing! Thank you for all of the hard work that you put into planning my wedding, all while I had never even visited Vegas! I love that you tell it like it is and are honest!  You truly want the best for your brides and we can tell! Please let me know if you ever need a reference. I would be glad to speak with any of your brides! Hugs and happiness for you.

Jessica & Mike White


Hiring Andrea was by far the best decision we made during the planning process of our wedding. As two event planners ourselves, we knew Andrea for years prior and had complete confidence in her ability to create a beautiful event for us. She made our small wedding feel intimate, personal, and unique. Andrea returned phone calls and emails quickly, never left us waiting for an answer, and provided us with a number of options that fit our lifestyle and budget. As aa matter of fact – Andrea even had the perfect dress in mind for me during our first lunch together. She took me directly to the store and helped me find, try on, and purchase the gown. She even helped with accessories!  Andrea literally handled each and every aspect of our wedding from start to finish. There was nothing she couldn’t or didn’t do, and we couldn’t have been happier! We highly recommend her!

Jocelyn & Rich 


Andrea planned our wedding from start to finish. Great attention to detail, resolved issues quickly and made sure our day was perfect. We had some family challenges but Andrea did a great job deflecting the drama for us. She did not have too but said this was our day and her responsibility to take care of these “things”.  We can’t thank Andrea enough and highly recommend her services. She is professional, creative, witty and a real joy to work with.

Vivienne & Brian  D.

Reviews and Love Notes from my couples are by far the most important award I receive all year!  

If you are a couple looking for references, please consider the Love Notes I have included here.  Words cannot express how honored to feel to have been a part of so many wonderful occasions.  These are just a few of the Thank You’s and Love Notes I have been sent over the years. To all of my couples, it was my pleasure!

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