Qualifying Clients & Crazies

Podcast About Qualifying Clients & Crazies


Qualifying real clients vs crazies. When working with the 1%, some of the numbers and budgets we hear sound unreal, and yet they are absolutely legitimate. How do you qualify the real clients and separate out the crazies?

This week I received 4 leads: two have very attractive 6 figure budgets, one was not a fit, and one came in with a 7 figure budget.

One 6 figure client signed. One has a conference call. One went away, and the alleged 7 figure client took me and a local, well respected casino property on a ride…

So how do you qualify a real client vs a crazy? How do you manage the business you have while you go after the business you want? When working with budgets that seem unreal, how do you qualify a client and segment out the crazies?



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