Online Education is the Future!

Online classes for wedding planners

LAUNCHED! Check out our two new courses:

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I believe in peer to peer education, and that online courses are the way of the future. They allow us to learn at our own pace by other industry professionals, and we are able to tailor our learning to our own very specific needs at a very specific time. We truly specialize in what we want, how we want, because we own the process.

We have launched two online educational courses. The Business Blueprint for Wedding Planners is a 4 hour crash course designed for the aspiring to new wedding planner who needs to solidify a strong business practice, while the Wedding Planner Masterclass is for established businesses that want to grow and evolve.

As someone who believes that you LEARN when you TEACH, what did I get from this? Well, first of all, my husband and I are rediscovering ourselves in the new dynamics of our relationship, which is exciting and interesting all at once. And on the business side, I have learned a lot about the care and feeding of your email list.

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