Meet Wedding Fashion Expert Nayri


Known as The Wedding Fashion Expert, Nayri not only runs Lovella, one of the most successful bridal salons in the country, but she is also a published author, an educator, a Knot Ambassador, and she is constantly contributing to thee industry through her web series, YouTube Channel, and podcast. Listen for 3 tips she gives to brides (and pros) before wedding dress shopping.

I adore Nayri and have been working with her for years. She and her team literally live bridal, and - hands down - they do the best alterations I have ever seen! Lovella is so good at managing the entire process, and they are very committed to making sure that your wedding dress and all accessories are as beautiful and useable onsite as they are in store.

And be on the lookout for an upcoming video we are doing that shows the process of altering a bride’s wedding dress. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more.

Andrea EppolitoComment