I Hate It Less - Watching the gap of an idea come to life

Wedding Podcast.  Season 2 Episode 6: I Hate It Less

Wedding Podcast. Season 2 Episode 6: I Hate It Less

As a designer, I sometimes struggle with the production part of watching what I see in my head come to life.  There is this risk associated with creating something very specific for a couple.  Watching my partners actually bring forth the image can be scary, and when all of the pieces are scattered there can be a moment of "Oh my God, what have I done?  I hate it!!!"  As it comes together, I find that I hate it less.  Then, I hate it much less, and less, and less...Until I love it.  

How can I avoid this anxiety?  Should I?  At what point does the gap between my design and the reality keep me sharp and on my toes, and at what point does it hinder me?

To watch a quick BTS video of an actual demo, and to hear my client talk about how important it is for her to understand the design, watch here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxFXe4YXKFE

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