BIG ANNOUNCEMENT with my partner, Tony Fisher

Las Vegas Wedding Planner, Speaker, Author, and Podcast Host

Las Vegas Wedding Planner, Speaker, Author, and Podcast Host

BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS on the podcast today!  As you know, last month my husband Tony Fisher rejoined Andrea Eppolito Events full time.  Tony is my partner in business and in life, and this has been a dream of mine.  He is NOT a wedding planner or an event designer.  Instead, Tony is taking over the business side of things, growing the brand, and developing the other areas of the industry we work in.  And with that, we have three BIG announcements and are super excited to introduce you to....

The Wedding Editorialist, our sister company which produces magazines dedicated to one couple or company at a time.  Check it out at

We have a book coming out this fall!  This has been a labor of love and a dream of mine for years, and knowing that in just a few months I will be able to pick up an actual book and share my work with the world is extraordinarily exciting.  This is a love letter to LAs Vegas and to the industry which has given me so much.

We are launching an educational program!  I love mentoring, coaching, and consulting.  It gives me an opportunity to use muscles and skills that I don't get to use with my couples.  I limit my coaching business in the same way that I limit the number of couples that I work with, and yet I really believe that education is the answer to nearly every problem we have.  I have invested over $150,000 in my own education post-college, and every dime was worth it.  Yet I understand that not everyone has the ability to travel the world attending conferences, to work with coaches and think tanks, or to take adjunct courses.

Every day I receive countless DMs, emails, and requests from business and aspiring planners that are asking for guidance or advice.  I do my best to answer everyone, and yet I know that it is impossible.  Which is why we have a Facebook Group, live classes, this podcast, and a series of online courses being developed that will help deliver blueprints and ideas to other businesses and creatives.  These online courses will allow people to work at their own pace, and they can go back to the content time and time again.  As their businesses grow we will add new courses and seminars, ensuring that there is always a safe place people can go to learn.  And for those who still want one to one sessions, I will be taking on 2 new clients for 2019 and opening the books for 2020 in November.

All of the new projects we are working on are going to be available to you at - ensuring that Andrea Eppolito Events will stay wedding and couple centric.