Meet Wedding Fashion Expert Nayri

Known as The Wedding Fashion Expert, Nayri not only runs Lovella, one of the most successful bridal salons in the country, but she is also a published author, an educator, a Knot Ambassador, and she is constantly contributing to thee industry through her web series, YouTube Channel, and podcast. Listen for 3 tips she gives to brides (and pros) before wedding dress shopping.

And be on the lookout for an upcoming video we are doing that shows the process of altering a bride’s wedding dress. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more.

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Online Education is the Future!

I believe in peer to peer education, and that online courses are the way of the future. They allow us to learn at our own pace by other industry professionals, and we are able to tailor our learning to our own very specific needs at a very specific time. We truly specialize in what we want, how we want, because we own the process.

We have launched two online educational courses. The Business Blueprint for Wedding Planners is a 4 hour crash course designed for the aspiring to new wedding planner who needs to solidify a strong business practice, while the Wedding Planner Masterclass is for established businesses that want to grow and evolve.

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Qualifying Clients & Crazies


Qualifying real clients vs crazies. When working with the 1%, some of the numbers and budgets we hear sound unreal, and yet they are absolutely legitimate. How do you qualify the real clients and separate out the crazies?

This week I received 4 leads: two have very attractive 6 figure budgets, one was not a fit, and one came in with a 7 figure budget.

One 6 figure client signed. One has a conference call. One went away, and the alleged 7 figure client took me and a local, well respected casino property on a ride…

So how do you qualify a real client vs a crazy? How do you manage the business you have while you go after the business you want? When working with budgets that seem unreal, how do you qualify a client and segment out the crazies?





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Sean Low & The Business of Being Creative

Hello, hello my friends! Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Sean Low, the founder of the BBC Collective. The BBC is a think tank that allows creative business owners to come together and discuss the status of our industry, the problems that we face, and the opportunity to simply do better business and better art.

I adore Sean. He is cerebral, he is in your face, he is brilliant, and he is utterly unapologetic in being who he is. Sean moderates our group every week, and he has been instrumental in helping me put my business in perspective so that I can do what I love to do; which is make the world a more beautiful place.

Check out the BBC Collectie Here:


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I Hate It Less - Watching the gap of an idea come to life

As a designer, I sometimes struggle with the production part of watching what I see in my head come to life.  There is this risk associated with creating something very specific for a couple.  Watching my partners actually bring forth the image can be scary, and when all of the pieces are scattered there can be a moment of "Oh my God, what have I done?  I hate it!!!"  As it comes together, I find that I hate it less.  Then, I hate it much less, and less, and less...Until I love it.  

How can I avoid this anxiety?  Should I?  At what point does the gap between my design and the reality keep me sharp and on my toes, and at what point does it hinder me? Do I have a right as an artist to want to be surprised? Or must I be meticulous?

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Information, Respect, and Responsibility. A Questionnaire

What do we really know about the businesses we partner with? How do we gather and share information, and is the information we have truly valid or is it a figment of our information?

I recently asked the partners on a wedding to participate in a pre and post wedding production survey, and while they have yet to turn in their responses what I learned about myself was enlightening.

Las Vegas Wedding Planner and Business Mentor Andrea Eppolito.

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This week presented me with situations that instilled a lot of fear; both personally and professionally. Acknowledging the fear, moving through it, and using it to elevate my own work process and how I communicate with the world gave me a chance to do my very best work. I hope we are all using fear and anxiety as a motivator, and not a paralyzing handicap.

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Welcome to Season 2!!!

Welcome to 2019!  We are back celebrating life, luxury, and above all else, love.  This episode talks about the challenges, successes, and opportunities of 2018 and how they set up my business for the coming year.  

This podcast is a space for creatives and businesses to discuss our art, our processes, and how we communicate with the world.  I am very excited about the changes I have made to my business.  I am - once again - speaking to my clients in a very real and intentional way. I've gotten very vulnerable, very open, and I sharing how it feels to break a business open and re-build it so that it serves not only my clients, but how it serves me as an artist.  

Thank you for coming along with me on this journey - I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for all of us as a community.

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Episode 28: When to Stop Wedding Planning

I am in Napa Valley on a site inspection with a couple that hired me to plan a beautiful, elegant wedding at a very boutique vineyard. Throughout the process today, it became clear that something was wrong. It took a lot of courage, and some very difficult conversations, but together as a team we decided that this couple needs to stop planning and cancel their wedding. All of the teams that we had engaged or incredibly supportive and understanding. Because at the end of the day, we deal in humanity. And taking care of people is what’s important.

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Episode 25: Time to Say Goodbye

Wedding Planner Podcast.

Last night I finished what will be my last corporate event for a client I have had for 8 years. As a legacy client, they have been more than a part of my Andrea Eppolito Events family, they are a part of my real life. But the reality is that our businesses have gone in different directions. What they now need is not what I do, and the creative work that I want to produce is beyond their needs. And so we said goodbye in a way that respected our past and secured an open door for the future.

It raises the question: Do we end relationships with the same level of respect that we begin them with?

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