Kaleigh Wiese of Meldeen: Branding for your Business

Kaleigh Wiese is the founder of Meldeen where she specializes in visual branding for small businesses and couples. Through the use of psychology, font selection, and color theory Kaleigh is able to design a logo that attracts the right clients to your business. Your branding is your stand it. It introduces you when you aren't there. What does yours say?

Visit www.kaleighwiese.com or www.meldeen.com to learn more.

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911: Looking Forward and Back

This week, I am thinking of everyone we lost during 911. It's an interesting week, as 911 is sandwiched between my husband and my daughter's birthday. These dates mean so much to me, and I look forward to them with celebration while I look back on the tragedy of 911 and think about all that we have lost.

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Mike Michaelowicz Author of Profit First

Author Mike Michaelowicz has built, earned, and lost it all, only to rebuilt it again by creating businesses based on the premise that you take care of Profit First. In his series of books, Mike talks honestly about how the loss of his businesses inspired him to re-examine the accepted principal of Income - Expenses = Profit.

Mike made a simple switch: Income - Profit = Expense. That one change changed everything.

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Rebecca Marie Talks About Systems & Processes

Chicago based Wedding Photographer Rebecca Marie Ickes joined me on the blog to discuss systems and processes.
How does one decide to start a business, and why? What does it take to scale a business, and what types of systems are needed for day to day success?

Rebecca and I tend to gab like girlfriends, because we are. But her personality is infection and you will fall in love with her and her art.




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Double Ear Infection

Coming to you with a double ear inflection, which has made me think a lot about self care and systems. Are you set up to succeed even when you don’t feel well? What would happen to your business if you got really sick or injured? Most of us just grind into the ground because we have not done the work of setting up relationships and lifelines. Phone a friend today while you feel well. Connect with a colleague and commit to working together when time gets tough.

And - on a personal note - hear my thoughts about my parent’s recent 46th wedding anniversary.

If you like me hear (get it…HERE but for listening….) you will LOVE me on IG! Follow me at https://www.instagram.com/andreaeppolito

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Radical Mentor Cindy Novotny: Hard Work, No Excuses!

Radical mentor Cindy Novotny lives a life with no balance and loves it. Cindy is the motivational shot in the arm that you need. Cindy sits at the helm of Master Connection where she and her team work with businesses to develop sales, training, and execution programs.

Cindy believes in loving what you do, in doing it well, and in always being the hardest person in the room. What always strikes me about her is how unapologetic she is, how grateful she continues to be, and what an absolute light she is for everyone .

To learn more, visit http://www.masterconnection.com/

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Review of The Business Blueprint for Wedding Planners and Wedding Planner Masterclass

Courtney Elizabeth is the first wedding planner to complete both the Business Blueprint for Wedding Planners and the Wedding Planner Masterclass. But not in that order!

Courtney was not a part of my ecosystem; we didn’t know each other before she signed up for this course. It was very exciting for me to have someone I don’t know enroll, and I was anxious to learn more about her experience.

Listen to Courtney and I talk about what inspired her to buy, why she signed up for the Business Blueprint for Wedding Planners after the Wedding Planner Masterclass, and what she plans to do next.

Get to know Courtney Elizabeth and visit her website at www.courtneyelizabethevents.com.

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Meet Wedding Fashion Expert Nayri

Known as The Wedding Fashion Expert, Nayri not only runs Lovella, one of the most successful bridal salons in the country, but she is also a published author, an educator, a Knot Ambassador, and she is constantly contributing to thee industry through her web series, YouTube Channel, and podcast. Listen for 3 tips she gives to brides (and pros) before wedding dress shopping.

And be on the lookout for an upcoming video we are doing that shows the process of altering a bride’s wedding dress. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more.


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Online Education is the Future!

I believe in peer to peer education, and that online courses are the way of the future. They allow us to learn at our own pace by other industry professionals, and we are able to tailor our learning to our own very specific needs at a very specific time. We truly specialize in what we want, how we want, because we own the process.

We have launched two online educational courses. The Business Blueprint for Wedding Planners is a 4 hour crash course designed for the aspiring to new wedding planner who needs to solidify a strong business practice, while the Wedding Planner Masterclass is for established businesses that want to grow and evolve.

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Qualifying Clients & Crazies


Qualifying real clients vs crazies. When working with the 1%, some of the numbers and budgets we hear sound unreal, and yet they are absolutely legitimate. How do you qualify the real clients and separate out the crazies?

This week I received 4 leads: two have very attractive 6 figure budgets, one was not a fit, and one came in with a 7 figure budget.

One 6 figure client signed. One has a conference call. One went away, and the alleged 7 figure client took me and a local, well respected casino property on a ride…

So how do you qualify a real client vs a crazy? How do you manage the business you have while you go after the business you want? When working with budgets that seem unreal, how do you qualify a client and segment out the crazies?



YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/AndreaEppolitoEvents

WEBSITE: www.andreaeppolito.com

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/andreaeppolito

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Sean Low & The Business of Being Creative

Hello, hello my friends! Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Sean Low, the founder of the BBC Collective. The BBC is a think tank that allows creative business owners to come together and discuss the status of our industry, the problems that we face, and the opportunity to simply do better business and better art.

I adore Sean. He is cerebral, he is in your face, he is brilliant, and he is utterly unapologetic in being who he is. Sean moderates our group every week, and he has been instrumental in helping me put my business in perspective so that I can do what I love to do; which is make the world a more beautiful place.

Check out the BBC Collectie Here:


Email sean@thebusinessofbeingcreative.com

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I Hate It Less - Watching the gap of an idea come to life

As a designer, I sometimes struggle with the production part of watching what I see in my head come to life.  There is this risk associated with creating something very specific for a couple.  Watching my partners actually bring forth the image can be scary, and when all of the pieces are scattered there can be a moment of "Oh my God, what have I done?  I hate it!!!"  As it comes together, I find that I hate it less.  Then, I hate it much less, and less, and less...Until I love it.  

How can I avoid this anxiety?  Should I?  At what point does the gap between my design and the reality keep me sharp and on my toes, and at what point does it hinder me? Do I have a right as an artist to want to be surprised? Or must I be meticulous?

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Information, Respect, and Responsibility. A Questionnaire

What do we really know about the businesses we partner with? How do we gather and share information, and is the information we have truly valid or is it a figment of our information?

I recently asked the partners on a wedding to participate in a pre and post wedding production survey, and while they have yet to turn in their responses what I learned about myself was enlightening.

Las Vegas Wedding Planner and Business Mentor Andrea Eppolito.

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