Your Beauty Call ~ Vendor Spotlight

Your Beauty Call owners and artists Janine & LaVey. Photo by Adam Trujillo.

Your Beauty Call owners and artists Janine & LaVey. Photo by Adam Trujillo.

LaVey Ortiz & Janine Cali

Your Beauty Call

Here's what I love about these girls....

It's not the long list of Las Vegas socialites and celebrities that call upon them for their services.  (Think the beautiful Molly Sims, the Kardashians, Heather Locklear, Courtney Mazza, Rosario Dawson, and more!)

It isn't the highly stylized shoots for print ads and media that lend their hands (literally!) too.

It's that both LaVey and Janine really love, love, LOVE making people feel beautiful.  And they are really, really good at it!  In fact, you could even call them the best!  With a simple, straight forward philosophy and the goal to make everyone feel like an A-List and eyes that see each and every person as a canvas primed for creation, LaVey and Janine embody everything I love about people who work in weddings...And that's truth, beauty, passion, humor, and heart.

I know what you're thinking.  "That's great, but are they really good at what they do?"  And the answer is, "Oh Yes, they are!"

But words can only convey half of what an artist does.  The rest you have to see for yourself!

Take a look...And for a complete portfolio of their work or to contact them directly, visit the Your Beauty Call website today!


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*All Photos Credited to the Your Beauty Call Website.

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