WIPA Las Vegas Launch Video by Something New Cinema!

WIPA Lad Vegas launched on Monday, September 15, 2014 at the lovely and iconic Four Seasons Las Vegas. Captured so beautifully by our talented friends at Something New, one of Las Vegas' premiere wedding video and cinematography producers. I am so thrilled to share, and proud to be featured in their opening. 

My first WIPA Las vegas Badge!

My first WIPA Las vegas Badge!

As said, WIPA is the only non profit organization dedicated to the education, inspiration, and engagement of the wedding community. As professionals in a creative field, many of us are in a constant battle to balance the artistic talents and the personal expression with the cerebral business of our business.  There are so few places that focus on the "how" in our industry, so few opportunities to really unplug and refocus ourselves. WIPA provides our industry with a chance to be educated on a different level, learning with each other, motivating one another, and becoming better for our couples, our cities, each other, and ourselves. 

Our inaugural speaker, Angela Desveaux of WedLuxe spoke from the heart, sharing her successes and failures, her hopes for the future, and her inspirational tales which inspired each person in a different, profound way.

I must thank our sponsors, without whom none of this would happen!  Taken from the beautiful program from our friends at Paper & Home...

Thank you to the sponsors of WIPA Las Vegas!

Thank you to the sponsors of WIPA Las Vegas!

And my continued thanks, love, and appreciation to our founding board!

Founding WIPA Las Vegas Board of Directors

President - Andrea Eppolito of Andrea Eppolito Events                

Secretary - Susan Tran of The Bellagio Resort

Treasurer - Gabriella Cote of By-Dzign

Director of Education - Dennis Silknitter of The Four Seasons Las Vegas

Director of Sponsorship - Rebecca Stebbins of The Venetian Resort 

Director of Social Media & Marketing - Dalisa Cooper of Alt F Photography 

Director of Membership - Randi Garrett of Naakiti Floral 

National Liaison - Brit Bertino of Event Excellence by Brit Bertino

Last but not least...To the girls from Scheme Events, who stepped up and temporarily took over the Vice President of Programs position...We only wish we had a chair for each of your bodies! Thank you for your contribution and we look forward to seeing you at our future meetings!

Could I possibly love this man more?  My partner in business and in life, and the man making me better every day - Thank you Tony Fisher.

Could I possibly love this man more?  My partner in business and in life, and the man making me better every day - Thank you Tony Fisher.

And, of course, to my husband..my partner and business and in life...without whom nothing would be possible or even matter - Tony Fisher.

For more information on WIPA Las Vegas contact me directly, or reach out to any one of our board members.  We would love to have you at a meeting!

And speaking of meetings - join us at our next WIPA Las Vegas event scheduled for December 15, 2014 at The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino!  Until then, stay tuned for some fabulous photos by Alt F Photography, and if you want to see the launch and enjoy the education in it's entirety it's easy...Just join!


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