WIPA Las Vegas - A Note From Your Founding President

I am proud to be the Founding President of WIPA Las Vegas, the Wedding Industry Professionals Association.

I am proud to be the Founding President of WIPA Las Vegas, the Wedding Industry Professionals Association.

Having been known for saying "I am not a joiner" and meaning it for many years, you may find it odd that I have not only joined WIPA Las Vegas, but I have accepted the position of Founding President.

So how does someone who's spent an entire career avoiding organizations suddenly decide to found one?  It has little to do with me, and everything to do with the WIPA Organization itself.  

WIPA stands for the Wedding Industry Professionals Association, and is dedicated to the  the standard and ideals that they impart, the teams commitment to education, and the professional ethical standards that they are guided by.

I didn't always avoid organizations and mixers. However, often times I found them to primarily comprised of people intent on whining, complaining, and aggressively soliciting business and referrals.  The educational aspects were often lost, the food and beverage was uninspired, and I left feeling more drained than invigorated. 

Not so with WIPA. I attended a meeting in Southern California and was blown away by not only the quality of the attendees and the class and professionalism that they conducted themselves with, but also with the quality of content.  From the space which was decorated beautifully to the educational speaker, the tablescapes and decor, the menu, and the design presentation...No detail was overlooked.  I felt as if I was in a one-day intensive Engage! experience.

As I spent more time learning about WIPA, I became passionately convinced that this is an organization that Las Vegas needs, and I wanted to be a part of bringing that level of style, sophistication, and luxury education to the market.

Las Vegas has always been known as "the wedding capital of the world" for the sheer quantity of weddings that take place here. What people sometimes forget is the quality of weddings that Las Vegas produces, the extent of luxury weddings in Las Vegas, and the top of the line food, decor, artistic expression, and execution that take place both on and off the strip.  WIPA willl not only serve as a platform to magnify those luxury weddings, but to build upon them and grow the talent that is already existing in this market.  

The most exciting part about WIPA is how the education and elevation of the Las Vegas market will impact couples that are marrying here.  WIPA is meticulous about screening it's members, meaning that anyone associated with the organization has already been vetted and proven to have years of experience, a strong reputation, and a sound business model.  

But more than that, participating WIPA members are certain to have a unique approach to planning your wedding, since they are not only on the frontline of emerging trends, but take part in creating them and setting the bar for the next big thing.  Which, of course, should be you.

The dynamics of our board, and of our membership, are certain to strengthen existing relationship, and build new ones.  As custodians of the wedding community, we will interaacg better, know more, and  produce events with stronger focus, more meaning, and more detail than ever before.  

And so, on behalf of our national board members, the founding board members of Las Vegas, and our newest members...Welcome, WIPA Las Vegas!   Follow along with us as we grow on Twitter and Instagram!


Founding WIPA Las Vegas Board of Directors

President - Andrea Eppolito of Andrea Eppolito Events                

Secretary - Susan Tran of The Bellagio Resort

Treasurer - Gabriella Cote of By-Dzign

Director of Education - Dennis Silknitter of The Four Seasons Las Vegas

Director of Programs - Rissa Gunderson, Tara Federico, Traci Keefer of Scheme Events 

Director of Sponsorship - Rebecca Stebbins of The Venetian Resort 

Director of Social Media & Marketing - Dalisa Cooper of Alt F Photography 

Director of Membership - Randi Garrett of Naakiti Floral 

National Liaison - Brit Bertino of Event Excellence by Brit Bertino

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