Ask Andrea ~ Do I really need a wedding planner?

What does a wedding planner do?  Place a veil, pin a flower, fix your hair, be a friend....

What does a wedding planner do?  Place a veil, pin a flower, fix your hair, be a friend....


"Do I really need a wedding planner?"

"I already know what I want, so what exactly is the benefit of hiring someone like you?"

"All of my ideas are set and I've already picked a venue.  Can't I just hire you at the end?  Do I really need the added expense?"

~ Sampled from three (3) different brides (so far) this year


Asking a wedding planner if he or she thinks that hiring a wedding planner is a necessity is like asking a lawyer if you really need a lawyer....You are all but guaranteed to get a fairly biased answer!

All jokes aside, I actually welcome this question and love educating people about what a wedding planner does and why it is both a worthy profession and a vital necessity to couples planning weddings both big and small.

Yes, I do what I do to make a living.  Which, I'm guessing, is also why you do what you do.  But I also do what I do because I believe in the transformative quality of a wedding and of a marriage.  I do it because I love seeing people in love.  I do it because I!...I need to make the world just a bit more beautiful than it was a moment ago, just before the music started and the attendants began walking down the aisle.

I do it because I can't not do it. And I really want to do it for you.

Having been asked what a wedding planner actually does and if having one is a necessity or just a trendy expense, I wanted to share my thoughts on the topic publicly.

My job is not to offer you a better idea than the one you already have, and it certainly isn't to give you the wedding of my dreams - I already did that! It's to give you the wedding of yours!  Having ideas in terms of what you want is one thing, but what do you do with a bunch of ideas, a stack of bridal magazines and a Pinterest page?  What I excel in is taking the thoughts that are in your head and making sense of them in a way that is both beautiful and functional.   I can tell your love story through music and food and drink, with imagery and poetry and light.  And I do it like a ninja!  In a way that isn't obvious, but is perfect and subtle and real.

Being a wedding planner isn't all about "the pretty" - As glamorous as my job is, there is the decidedly unsexy and highly analytical, operational side that has to be addressed.  As a wedding planner, it is my job to know how to negotiate a contract so that the terms in it are as favorable to you as possible.  I can advise you as to where and what you may be able to negotiate some flexibility and what you have latitude with, which vendors are the best to use, how to devise a timeline that makes sense, where and when to purchase insurance – These are just some of the things that your wedding planner (be it me or someone else) should be an expert at.

A wedding planner should save you time and money, protect the integrity of your vision and ensure that there are a few amazing surprises that delight you on the actual day of your wedding.  A good wedding planner will work with you to create a narrative of the day and to build an inspiration board so that everyone understands the dream and atmosphere.  Your wedding planner should guide you through room blocks, website design, invitations, timeline, fashion, vendor selection and more.  Professional wedding planners know which teams and vendors show up and which run late, who gets the best press and who offers the most personalized service.  We know about noise ordinances, how and when guests can get on elevators, which dishes hold up well on a station or buffet and which should only be passed.  There is an innumerable amount of detail and nuance to each wedding that takes place, and the best way for your wedding planner to know and understand yours is to give him or her the opportunity to be involved as early as possible.

And, above all things, the best planner for you is one that you connect with and like…

I do believe that you (and all brides) need one – You deserve to have someone who works for you and only you, who operates with your best interest at heart at all times and who is available to do whatever needs to be done to ensure that you have a gorgeous day.  Explore all of your options before making any decisions, knowing that your wedding is truly a once in a lifetime event.






...And finally, to borrow the words of  Red Adair...

Do I need a wedding planner?  If you are asking, then the answer is YES!

Do I need a wedding planner?  If you are asking, then the answer is YES!