When Harry Met Meghan | This Will Become One of the Most Iconic Weddings in History

Photos by Alexi Lubomirski Courtesy of Kensington Palace

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Official Wedding Portrait.  Alexi Lubomirski/Kensington Palace

It's been 48 hours since the world watched the Royal Wedding.  I had originally planned to do a podcast and a blog immediately, but I needed that time to process the wedding.  I needed to let the photos and the information wash over me, and then to sit with it for a little while.  My official review is this:

The wedding of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry will go down as one of the most well done and iconic in all of history.

The new Duchess of Sussex has ushered in a whole new level of bridal sophistication and elegance. I haven’t seen someone do minimalism like this since Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. But it's more than that....

The symbolism of this wedding was perfectly done in a way that I have never seen before.  The level of intentional design is extraordinary.

We can start with the fashion, because it's the most obvious.  Tailoring aside, the fashion story of her two dresses was beautifully executed.  There was an audacity to this choice that was so perfect for her.  This was not a dress selected by a woman who dreamt of being a pretty, pretty princess.  This dress was designed to be respectful and appropriate, and to put all of the focus on the emotion and on her face.  There was no hiding behind lace or embellishment.  The ceremony dress allowed her to shine.  She wore that dress, and the focus was on the woman, not the detail.

This leads us directly into the reception dress, which was so sexy and so glamorous, yet completely appropriate and demure.  In both her first and second dress, Meghan Markle was 100% true to who she is. She made a stunning statement, was respectful in the church and brought the sexy glam to the reception. She has solidified her position as a style icon, and will absolutely impact bridal fashion for decades to come.

The aquamarine ring that Harry gifted Meghan with for her second look was striking in it's symbolism as well.  This was a piece of jewelry that Princess Diana commissioned for herself after her divorce from Prince Charles.  She wanted to wear a piece of jewelry, but felt it was inappropriate to wear her sapphire engagement ring.  This piece was her choice, and was meant to convey her status and a strong, independent woman who was now living life on her terms. I don't think that it's an accident that Harry now passed this on to Meghan.  It's a visual representation of her ability to maintain her autonomy, her opinions, and her own power as passed on from his mother.  

The next element that really stood out to me was the color green.  Green was everywhere, from the arches to the bottom of the bouquet.  Both the Queen and Meghan's mother, Doria, wore shades of green. Their formal portraits were taken in the green drawing room.  Symbolically, green is the color of life, of renewal, and of vibrancy. It's very much who Meghan Markle is and what she means to the monarchy.  Her presence signals a rebirth and a new day for the monarchy, and she has breathed life into centuries of tradition that previously felt a bit stodgy.

I took special note of the fact that we saw women doing things alone at this wedding.  The mother of the bride, Doria, was seated alone.  She had no formal escort, no guest, no companion to keep her company.  The Duchess herself walked into the ceremony alone.  Perhaps it's me bringing my own personal experiences to the wedding, as we all do, but the fact that we had two very strong women who stood their ground, by themselves, and in their own power was spectacular to me.  Neither required a man or another person by their side in order to be who they were.  There was no sadness in them; only strength.

And yet then we got to see Prince Charles walk her down the remaining half of the aisle.  He was so gentle and so adoring of her.  If you look closely, he walked just a step ahead of her.  He was not giving her away, but guiding her towards his son and ushering her into the family.  For a man who hasn't always been seen as jovial or warm, he looked truly proud.  There is the sense that Meghan Markle is not tolerated by the Royal Family.  She is adored.  

We haven't seen much of the reception, which is a shame.  If there is a trend I could hope for, it would be that Americans would embrace the idea of a morning ceremony followed by a brunch, followed by a glamorous nighttime reception.  This was done years ago, and we abandoned the formality and tradition of the experience in favor of convenience.  How I would love to see this come back into fashion!

48 hours after the event, I love this wedding more with each image we get to see.  And as much as we have spoken about Meghan, the truth is she didn't play the princess because that isn't who she aspires to be.  This wasn't her fairytale ending; it was his.

Harry was the boy broken so long ago, the reluctant royal who struggled to find his place.  His floundering, his blunders, his missteps and his growth all brought him to her.  The wedding wasn't about what he made her.  She was always enough on her own, and will continue to be so. 

Prince Harry didn't save Meghan Markle from anything.  She saved him.  In doing so, she gave us all a Happily Ever After.

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