When Engagement Photos and Maternity Collide - Introducing Megan & Alan

Megan and Alan took their engagement photos downtown in old Las Vegas.  The red wall made a perfect backdrop.  

I am about as excited as can be about sharing the engagement-meets-maternity photo session for my spectacular couple, Megan and Alan.

Megan & Alan - Engagement Photos taken in downtown Las Vegas.

Megan and Alan were introduced by mutual friends at a day club in Florida.  They noticed one another immediately, but it wasn't until their second meeting that they had a chance to sit and talk.  Alan wasted no time securing a date with Megan, and from that moment on the two have been inseparable.

Megan and Alan - Engagement Photos Downtown Las Vegas.

Their engagement was a comedy of errors - Poor Alan!  He had designed the ring, hired a plane to write "Will You Marry Me?" in the sky, and he had even hired a photographer to take photos from afar.  Nature, however, had other plans!  The storms grounded the plane, traffic stalled the photographer, and after being confused about why we were on the beach Alan sprung into Plan B, grabbing a bunch of strangers, handing them a camera, and asking them to capture the proposal for them.

Megan and Alan - Engagement Portraits Downtown Las Vegas

Having decided early on to host their wedding at the exclusive penthouses of Caesars Palace, Megan began searching for a wedding planner last fall.  Within moment of her calling me we were gabbing like old friends.  She and Alan hopped on a plane for a face to face meeting, and after quite the epic lunch at Spago Las Vegas, we were off and planning.

Alan & Megan - Downtown Las Vegas Maternity and Engagement Session

One thing I love - Megan and Alan knew from the beginning that they wanted kids...And a lot of them!  So they decided to start trying during their original planning trip, thinking that if they happened to get pregnant their little one could be at the wedding.  And little miss Baby Girl to be didn't disappoint!  She will be 3 months old and we know that she will make the world's most adorable flower girl!

Sexy Maternity Photos & Engagement Portraits in Downtown Las Vegas

After everything Alan went through, we felt that these two deserved some amazing engagement photos.  Enter AltF Photography!  John Michael Cooper and Dalisa deliver - as always!  And even managed to get these two away from downtown Las Vegas and into the studio for some super cool Mr. & Mrs. Smith inspired engagement photos.  Look at the belly!!!!

Super-cool Mr. & Mrs. Smith inspired engagement photos.
Mr. & Mrs. Smith inspired maternity photos

Counting down the days until their fall wedding and enjoying every moment I get to spend with these two!  Welcome to the Andrea Eppolito Events family!

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