Ask Andrea - What happens when my wedding planner gets sick?

Today's wedding planning tools, brought to you by Quick Care!

Today's wedding planning tools, brought to you by Quick Care!

Ask Andrea - Question:

My fiancé and I were wondering...What happens if we book you and you are sick on the day of our wedding?


When your wedding planner gets sick...Wait...What?!?!? Wedding Planners can't get sick...Can they? 

I like to tell people that I don't call in sick, I call in dead! Just a little wedding planner humor, but really what it means is that I will rally and be there for you no...matter...what! In the past I have worked weddings with a cold, with the flu, while pregnant. Hell, I even went to a wedding 4 days after having my second baby - by C Section no less!

That being said, wedding planners do get sick. I get sick. It doesn't happen often, but when it does happen. As a matter of fact, it happened just this week!  I was grateful for the fact that this little bout of nastiness happened midweek and didn't impact any of my clients, but it was still awful and inconvenient for me, my clients, our vendors and partners and everyone else that takes part in the planning process in terms of sending and receiving emails, phone calls, etc. But it certainly made one potential couple wonder...If I were to be really sick on the day of someone's wedding, what would I do?

Let me start with this:

Each and every wedding professional I know - beginning with other wedding planners and extending to florists, photographers, videographers, catering managers...all of them - we all love what we do, we recognize the significance of this day in your life and we are willing to endure nearly anything and everything to there for you on your.  We have put weeks and months of our own lives into this day, too, and not being there would be heart breaking for any of us.

I wanted to do a mini-poll of sorts on the subject, and so I started speaking to other wedding & event professionals about the dreaded "what if" scenario.  We shared war stories and a few laughs while telling tales of "this one time I was so sick with xyz, but I have a couple that needed 123....and I had to pull over twice for abc...but we made it happen."

And that's what's most important in the end, isn't it? That we - your planner, your on site coordinators, you partners and vendors - we all make it happen. Not some of the time. All of the time. Even when we're sick.

So, for me, if I were sick I would absolutely still show up. But I would also be sure that I worked far, far behind the scenes, because the only things worse than a sick wedding planner are sick newlyweds! And I would be devastated if my germs made anyone sick for their wedding night or honeymoon!

And in the worst of the worst OMG moments of an accident or something horrific like that, I can tell you this...

As heart wrenching as it would be for me not to show up, and nerve inducing for you, I am so unbelievably lucky to be working with a team of the most highly skilled and dedicated wedding professionals in the industry. We always have contingent plans...and plans for contingent case of a dire emergency!  So if I were to get hit by a bus, I can promise you that my team would rally, work the timeline and hand deliver you the wedding day of your dreams!

Here's to love, life, laughter and health!