What does the cut of your engagement ring mean? Expert Info from Prime Settings

It's all happening! The holidays are upon us, and one by one we see the hashtags coming across our desk:  #Isaidyes #shesaidyes #hesaidyes and the ever popular #engaged!!!!

Have you ever stopped to think about the meaning behind the shape of a stone?  We sat down with the experts at Prime Settings who shared their thoughts.

Round Cut Stones

The round cut, which is also called the brilliant cut, is the most popular stone shapes for rings. It has fifty-eight facets, which makes stone - specifically diamonds - look bright. It is the most common cut, and it exudes a classic, timeless beauty.

Because it’s shaped like a circle, the round cut represents a never-ending kind of love. If you’re a fan of the round cut, it means you value tradition.


This popular cut is a square stone with four pointed corners. These square corners enhances the brilliance of the stone, drawing the attention of people and giving off an air of class. A woman wearing a princess-cut diamond doesn’t mind the spotlight. Hey, she deserves the spotlight.


The emerald cut is rectangular, and it has facets that are shaped like stairs. Its subtle elegance is perfect for those who have subdued tastes in jewelry. The emerald cuts has only a few facets. With that, the flaws become more visible.  Therefore, only quality stones can be cut into an Emerald Shape. If you adore the diamond cut, you’re the kind of person who is self-assured, confident, and timeless.

On a personal note - I wear an emerald cut diamond engagement ring that I have matched with an eternity band of emerald cut diamonds as well.  both pieces are strong enough to stand on their own but they dazzle together!  


The cushion cut looks like, well, a pillow. The curved corners add a touch of femininity, while the facets add to the sparkling sophistication of the stone. Also known as the antique cut, the cushion cut combines the rectangular and round shapes, signifying a cross between traditional and modern tastes.


The asscher cut has an old-world ring to it, with a vintage style that calls to mind glamorous days gone by. It is similar to the emerald cut in that it has few facets. Its depth and its clarity reflect a wearer who is open and passionate.


The marquis cut is oval and pointed, and this makes the stone appear larger than its actual size. A woman who wears a marquis cut is someone who is bold, not intimidated by attention, and not afraid to set her own trend. The elongated shape represents devotion and fidelity.


The oval cut is one that’s gaining popularity these days and shows the wearer’s desire to set the trend. Oval stones look like eggs, which are associated to fertility. A woman wearing an oval cut may be one who wants to start a family of her own. Wearing an oval ring elongates your finger, making it look more dainty.


The pear is a cross between the marquise and the oval. It is shaped like a teardrop. The pear cut is a unique shape, and a woman wearing that kind of ring is someone who likes to make her own rules and live by them.  Many recipients of Pear Shaped stones opt to customize their rings, which make them stand out even more, amplifying their personality.

A Few Words...

Considering the fact that the wearer of an engagement ring is often not involved in picking out the stone, I always found it interesting that these attributes are assigned to them.  But truly, the person you will marry knows you well enough to select the cut and shape that works best for you.  And I love the idea that these sentiments would factor into the selection process, as the add special meaning to the ring.   

The cut of your diamond engagement ring may mean a lot of things, but the most important meaning it holds is the commitment that you and your future spouse are making. Beyeond that, it is you who can give profound meaning to the engagement and your marriage.

Happy Engagements!


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