What An Extraordinary Thank You Note

Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito. Imagery by Dennis Kwan Photography.

Colorful, luxe wedding in Las Vegas during Chinese New Year. Las Vegas Wedding Planner www.andreaeppolitoevents.com. Photo by Dennis Kwan.

Oh, this thank you letter brought tears to my eyes and made me giddy! As I read it all I could think was, “YES! This is why I do what I do. This is my why!”

I have dedicated my life to making the world a beautiful place, one wedding at a time. I believe that we tell stories and connect with our friends and families by making very personal, and very intentional decisions. Nothing goes into a space without being vetted, tested, and determined absolutely essential.

I love that this bride and groom understood the importance of storytelling through design and detail. The bride is a great lover of couture and art, often attending fashion shows and events for brands such as Dior, Turrell, and Veuve Clicquot. The groom value tradition and heritage, and cares deeply about family bonds.

This wedding was an extraordinary production that we were able to produce in less than 5 months.

I removed some of the highly personal information that was included, but otherwise I have not edited this letter at all. I really wanted to honor their experience and share the experience of planning a wedding when you focus on what truly matters.

Thank you to Selina and Bryan for sharing their thoughts so freely, and to you for being a part of the journey.



Dear Andrea,

Thank you soooo much for helping us with our wedding. You and your team are not only visionary, but you got the job done! Execution is everything, and the fact of the matter is you can pay someone and it still won't get done but we could trust you every bit of the way.

I can't believe Peter and I thought we could just do it ourselves. Not only did we need you, we absolutely needed you. Sure people can get married, but to express myself and my family and our union in an understandable, tangible way, we needed a closer as incredible as yourself to keep everything on track.

Ever since I was a little girl not only did I dream of getting married, it was drilled into me, and I went through phase after phase of visions of how I wanted it to go. Then when it finally was going to happen, I honestly just didn't care anymore because I was so emotionally and physically burned out from my demanding job and just life in general. But yet, I STILL CARED. The dysfunction and contradictions are real, but you understand how it works! Family.

I'm still recovering from the fact that - it happened! We made it happened. We did sooo much in such a short amount of time.

I mean, 30 some years of wanting it to happen but unbelievably, I got engaged last September and now here I am,  married in March?! Amazing! What a timeline! The way you called me 2 minutes after I called you and also came out to see us was proof you are a doer from the start. The anxiety was real about the entire process and it was a great comfort to know you were there for us.

Thank you for always entertaining every crazy email, request, and following through as much as you can.  I'm late on everything (including this thank you letter) but you still made it happen!

…We appreciate and remember it all, shouldering the stress to birth this baby out!

A long time ago I realized a wedding really wasn't really for the bride and groom (otherwise they'd elope!) but for the entire family and friends who support that union, so I can safely say we did a great job.

Because everyone keeps texting me, weeks later, videos of duck carvings, pictures of the black mirror King & I dance floor, and no one will forget the immersive psychotic-ness that was that gradient flower ceremony. I know white flowers are elegant and the easy way to go for a wedding but to pull colored flowers off and not look tacky was beyond anyone's imagination! Thank you for honoring our superstition and even worried about the hashtag picture moment white flower sign. It means a lot that you care and negotiated every deal possible for us! The cake, the baccarat menu, the cookie ice cream, the Dior & I, the lovely bar decor, the VC on the table, the VC and Whiskey neat ready for us post ceremony, the Turrell Drake booth, the beauty booth, and so much more - everyone loved everything and still consider it their wedding of the century. I even got to see my grandmas smile and dance! 

Oh also, the Asian American community is very 6 degrees and now every other random Asian that my friends know (like coworkers they've never even talked to) know someone who went to this wedding so it was so widely viewed and I am so proud this was the party and show they saw and it was ours.

We cannot be grateful enough and I'm still digesting a lot of it but - you're dangerous and incredibly necessary to this world because you make dreams come true. I can go on and on and on but thank you (and the army) again!!!



PS Sorry I went on and on... 


The following is translated sentiment from my parents/dad:

Andrea- thank you for helping my daughter get married. It was so beautiful, when I snuck a peek at the reception hall I thought it was worth beyond half a million dollars! You really brought more than we could every hope for and made a very successful, splendid party. I continue to text the pictures to all my friends and everyone is amazed I can have such a party. Hopefully now everyone will want to get married in Las Vegas and know Las Vegas is where you can make this type of party happen. 

My friend said a Hong Kong pop star got married in Beverly Hills and spent a fortune and it was still not as beautiful as our daughter's ceremony. All my friends say they have never seen such a beautiful wedding before. We are very grateful and hope to introduce a lot of business and future clients to you. 

Thank you again,

Raymond and Carrie 

Las Vegas Wedding Planner with Selina and Bryan during Chinese New Year Wedding at ARIA Resort.
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