Welcome to my new wedding website! I'm a Squarespace chick now...

 Goodbye, Wordpress and Andrea Eppolito Weddings & Events 2.0!  Welcome to the new 3.0!  

 Goodbye, Wordpress and Andrea Eppolito Weddings & Events 2.0!  Welcome to the new 3.0!  

Welcome to the new site, friends!  It seems like just yesterday that I launched Andrea Eppolito Events 2.0-ish.  In fact, it was just less than a year ago.  To "normal" people that's the blink of an eye, but in the tech world, 11 months is a lifetime.

I don't make changes frivolously.  I put a lot of time , thought, and consideration into any adjustment that will affect my couples and my visitors.  In my business and in my life,  I am a big proponent of always being better.  Every day I try to read something new, to watch something different, to hear a story that I wouldn't normally hear.  I believe in always seeking to be better, and it's in the spirit of being a better wedding planner for you, a better resource for others, and a better person on the planet that I starting tweaking and tinkering with the page, edging closer to (the unattainable) perfection, making it just a wee bit better than it was yesterday.  

Here are the biggest changes you can expect to see, why they were made, and how they should make your time on the site more fun:

1.  Color, baby! Big, beautiful color.   In the past I've been known to say, "I fear color" - and that statement was only ever half true.  I actually really love color when it's done right.   I love being immersed in a tone, and I love the emotion that color can inspire.   This new format celebrates my newfound comfort and love of color like never before.  We kept the big, bold slider images and added a few more into the mix.  Gone is the greyed out background, which has been replaced with a gorgeous set of florals.  There are wider, pages with splashier photos, and a move toward big, bold images and simpler lines that I believe will get and keep your attention.

2.  Tick Tock....Mamma's impatient!  Am I the only person who hates to wait?  Like, HATES it?!?!?   I love photos, and I am developing more and more video pieces to take you behind the scenes and on site with me.  But every new piece of media that I added to my old platform added time.  Seconds. Minutes.  These moments felt like an eternity, and I just couldn't allow you to wait any longer.  This new site has much stronger media integration, and allows you to get what you want, when you want it.  Without the dreaded wait time.

3.  Galleries that give you more.  Better, crisper images.  More information.  And multiple ways to view the photos - either in a small slider, half screen with a description, or click through for full images in color.  And, of course, you can Pin with ease!

I am super-excited about these new features, and look forward to bringing you more blogs and micro-blogs on a much more regular basis, with even more media.

And as we all know from the breaking of the glass (one of my favorite Jewish wedding traditions) and with all things in life, with the good and shiny and  new comes the...meh.  

Here are the things that I am still playing with and working through:

1.  The menu is at the top.  I'm a left justified girl when it comes to my website menus, but our new site has the pages placed firmly at the top of the page. This isn't a good or bad thing.  It's just different for me.  But I'm told people like it...Do you?

2.  Social Media at the bottom.  Just in case you missed it...The bottom of the page now connects you to me in every possible way.   Welcome, stalker-friends!   I'm ready to Tweet, Instagram, Pin, and Link my way into your life.  Bring it....

3.  Archives and Search Features have their own page, and are separated from the primary blog.  I don't know how you'll feel about this - or how I feel about it.   On one hand, I hate that you have to click one more time to get to the search and archive feature.  But on the other hand, this shift really opened up the blog page, removed the clutter, and widened the body of the page.  So I guess we will see...

4.  Full Blog Posts - Read More is no more.  I'm not crazy about this, and  I tend  to write longer posts, and I loved having the ability to give you a snippet and a picture.  Then you could decide if you wanted to stay and  read, or scroll on to the next.  Now you have no choice.  You have to read or scroll past the entire blog.  I've seen this work with great success on some sites, and I've also seen the Read More feature work well for others.  As  with everything else, it's a personal preference and the new format will simply take some getting used to.

As always, this site and everything on it is for you.  Have a question or a comment?  Suggestion or a change?   Is there something you want to see more of, or less of?   Please let me know.  I love to reading your comments - so please leave them below.


PS - Thank you, as always, to Brain Derck, who is constantly exposing me to a better way of doing  things on the tech front.  And to Tony Fisher, who loves me even when I'm  crazy, and makes me want to be better. 

Goodbye, old site!  I got a ton of compliments and people really responded so well to you.  I am hoping that the trend continues and that 3.0 is embraced with love!

Goodbye, old site!  I got a ton of compliments and people really responded so well to you.  I am hoping that the trend continues and that 3.0 is embraced with love!

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