Welcome to Andrea Eppolito Events 2.0-ish!

Goodbye, original website! Hello Andrea Eppolito Events 2.0!

Goodbye, original website! Hello Andrea Eppolito Events 2.0!

Hello Friends! Welcome to Andrea Eppolito Events 2.0-ish!

When I first started this company and began designing my website I wanted something that really spoke to who I was in terms of style - Something that was clean and elegant, modern and yet timeless. While I do believe that our original site was all of those things lately I have come to feel a little..restless.  I was surfing the net, looking for some inspiration, and I realized that somewhere along the way, we all began to look the same.  I couldn't have that!  A change was needed, and it had to be big!

This new site is everything I could have asked for and more!  It is still clean and elegant, featuring the gorgeous grays, whites and golds that I've become known for...Making it quintessentially "me". But with the addition of some gorgeous full screen images, updated blog posts and a gallery of Real Weddings that will change intermittently to showcase couples of the past, present and future, this bold new site puts what's most important front and center...You and the love stories we share!

So stop by, pop your head in and poke around. Leave a comment or a message, engage in conversations with our other visitors, and use the site as a touchstone as your travel between my Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more!

If you love something, let me know - I'm a stickler for a good compliment! And if you hate something, let me know that, too. After all, this site - and all the work I do - is ultimately here for you.


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