Weddings at The Four Seasons Las Vegas | Meet the Team

Meet the team at The Four Seasons Las Vegas!  From left to right; Lauren Karpiel, Megan Early, and Staci Kirk.  Photo courtesy of Four Seasons Las Vegas.

Meet the team at The Four Seasons Las Vegas!  From left to right; Lauren Karpiel, Megan Early, and Staci Kirk.  Photo courtesy of Four Seasons Las Vegas.

Earlier this year, the Four Seasons of Las Vegas had the opportunity to completely restructure and revitalize their Catering & Special Events team when their long-tenured Associate Director Dennis Silknitter left to found his own consulting company.  Some companies would panic at the thought of having to recreate the magic that they had been enjoying for nearly a decade; but not the Four Seasons!  Instead, they took the time to really think about what was needed for their clients, for the market place, and for their own internal success.  

Having just completed two back-to-back breathtaking weddings with them, I can say that they have knocked it out of the park!

As a wedding planner who has worked at the Four Seasons for years, and as a former Four Seasons bride myself, I am so proud to introduce you to the new team here in Las Vegas.  Some are seasoned veterans of our city, while another was brought in specifically to breathe new life into the cityscape.  All love and adore weddings, and are a dream to work with.  

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the new Catering and Special Events Managers at The Four Seasons Las Vegas!   Here they are, in their own words....

Megan Early

BIOGRAPHY:  Megan is a New York gal who moved to Las Vegas for a few months and has stayed for 10 years. She holds 9 years worth of experience with Four Seasons Las Vegas and has experience working in many positions in the hotel. Married in Mexico seven years ago - Megan understands the details of weddings. From the menu to the service experience, she'll make any bride and groom feel special and comfortable during their planning. Her favorite part of weddings? The emotions that it brings her - she just can't help to shed those happy tears! She loves the cultural side of weddings and the different traditions each couple instills in their day.

FROM ANDREA....I actually met Megan nearly 15 years ago when she visited Las Vegas.  At the time, her best friend was my assistant, and we immediately bonded over our New York roots and no-nonsense approach to everything!  Having her as a partner is a dream come true!

Lauren Karpiel

BIOGRAPHY:  Lauren comes to the team from Colorado. Starting her Four Seasons career in Vail, Colorado planning weddings and events at 8.022 feet above sea level. She followed her heart to Las Vegas where she is adjusting to a much warmer environment. Lauren started out with a theatrical background working with the Denver Center for the Performing Arts at the Seawell Grand Ballroom. She loves the AV side of weddings especially how LED lights and gobos can change a whole room. Her favorite part of weddings? First looks prior to the ceremony. Such a beautiful, special moment filled with love!

FROM ANDREA....Newly engaged Lauren and I just completed a fairytale wedding at a private estate in the hills of MacDonald Ranch.  Stay tuned for images from Scott and Lisa Anderson's wedding - Coming soon! 

Staci Kirk

BIOGRAPHY: Staci is originally from Reno, Nevada. She first started her career with Four Seasons Santa Barbara at the Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club. Staci moved to Las Vegas 13 years ago and has worked for the Rio Hotel and at Anthem Country Club. In 2011, Staci had the opportunity to work for Four Seasons Hotel once again in Las Vegas. She loves spending time outdoors, cooking, and singing in a large choir with her husband Brian. Her favorite part of weddings?  Staci loves creating unique and memorable events for all of her clients.

FROM ANDREA....If you happen to see Staci, be sure to congratulate her; she is a newlywed herself!   

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Four Seasons is a legacy brand, forever and always associated with timeless elegance and luxury.  By reconfiguring their team, they bring new life and a modern edge to their brand.  With Staci's long standing tenure as a leading Wedding Specialist in Las Vegas, Megan's decade of service as a Four Seasons team member, and Lauren's totally fresh perspective on Las Vegas, The Four Seasons proves that they will always and forever have spectacular offering for couples in love.