Wedding MBA ~ Wish Upon a Wedding and Sasha Souza

Wish Upon a Wedding

Wish Upon a Wedding

Wedding Planners Andrea Eppolito & Sasha Souza.

Wedding Planners Andrea Eppolito & Sasha Souza.

Wedding Planners Andrea Eppolito & Sasha Souza

This week I had the privilege of participating in the Wedding MBA, a three day educational (and inspirational) trade show for wedding planners and vendors.

During the course of the conference, I was able to meet wedding professionals from across the country. There was the DJ specializing in high energy, club style entertainment on the East Coast.  The photographer who shoots traditional wedding photos for the masses in the southwest, the motivational speaker, the technology wizard, the florist, the stationary designers, and, finally, Wedding Planner Sasha Souza. 

What I love about Sasha is not only her deep commitment to being authentic, but her ongoing passion and support of Wish Upon a Wedding, a non-profit organization founded by Wedding Planner Liz Guthrie in January of 2010, and "based on the concept that two people in love should never be denied the chance to marry their soul mate" and comes to the aid of couples with terminal illnesses or life altering circumstances.

At all times we should remember just how fortunate we are.  So often I hear people comment that weddings are frivolous, that they waste time and money and resources, and that couples should focus on other things.  To them I say this:

"You will never know the true, transformative value of a wedding until you meet a couple denied one."

A wedding is more than just the biggest party you will ever throw.  It's more than the music and menu, and all of the finery that goes into creating the day.   A wedding is the outward expression of what two people feel internally.  It is the blending of lives, families, and friendships.  To those in attendance, a wedding becomes a sacred holiday, a marker along the timeline of their history, a story to be told again and again.

Having reached out to Wish Upon a Wedding, I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to grant a wish.  Until then, I encourage all of my very fortunate couples, corporate sponsors, and readers to visit the site at and consider donating, purchasing favors, or granting a wish of your own.

Until then, here's to making all of your (and someone else's) dreams come true!


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