Wedding Editorialist at Nevada Bridal & Wedding Expo

Custom Online Wedding Magazine

We are excited to be debuting The Wedding Editorialist Magazine at the Nevada Bridal and Wedding Expo this Sunday!

The Wedding Editorialist is an online wedding magazine that allows you to tell your love story, your way. One part wedding album, one part love letter, and 100% available online and in print. It’s a gorgeous way to document your wedding and share it over and over again online. But I also really believe in things you can touch. Print is not dead. It’s reserved for luxury. And every one of us deserves a little bit of luxury…

I created the Wedding Editorialist accidentally. I had a couple that asked me to provide a scope of work report to them reviewing what I did in order to produce their wedding. I found the request somewhat strange., and yet I wanted to help them feel comfortable with the process. I started compiling a list of things that I had done….Emails sent, phone calls taken, minutes and drafts. But the process felt very antiseptic to me; no romance. One night I stopped and said to my husband, “I am going to create a magazine for them” I told him. Tony blinked and said, “Because we publish magazines now?”

The first print issue was spectacular. I had it printed and mailed to my clients while they were on their honeymoon, and the bride squealed when she opened it. What an incredible reaction! Later, our next issue went viral on the internet, and with that, The Wedding Editorialist was born.

SInce that time we have grown slowly, producing pieces for couples and businesses throughout the country. Now, it is finally time to take the Wedding Editorialist out to it’s first official show. My partner and I are so excited to share all of our beautiful issues with you, and our editors are ready to work with you on the layout and design of your magazine.

Come see us this Sunday, April 28, 2019 from 12 PM - 5 PM. We are in the Center Booth 211. We are offering a 25% discounted rate this weekend with the code SHOW25 and visitors to the booth will get a special price of $500 on site.

We will see you there!



Custom wedding magazine by The Wedding Editorialist.
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