Behind the Scenes Video of Marci & Mike's Wedding at Bellagio

Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito pulls back the curtain and takes you behind the scenes in this Wedding in a Minute featuring Marci & Mike's Bellagio Wedding!

You've seen my behind the scenes photos of Marci & Mike's Bellagio Wedding, now let me share their wedding in a one minute video "fresh off the vine".

I love taking and making these little mini-movies!  If my job is to tell love stories, then these little video clips are my narration.  Watching a wedding unfold before your eyes is magic, especially after all of the time and effort we wedding planners put into it! Sharing that excitement throughout the day is fun and easy with Vine, and I love getting to relive that excitement with my little Wedding in a Minute movies!

I've had a few people wonder about simply using their own Vines and the video clips of their family and friends in the place of a regular videographer.  My answer is always the same...Don't!  Nothing compares to the polished, professional video that you will receive from legitimate photographers and videographers. These people have a vision and skill set - not to mention technology and state of the art equipment! - that you and I will never have!  Putting together a team with artistic vision and the chops to create a masterpiece is supremely important...

But playing with your own vision and the clips of your family and friends is just too much fun!  So go ahead and shoot away!  Snap, grab and tape to your heart's content!  Use Movie Magic or Instagram or any other app you love and share your message with the world!  Or just keep it as a small token for yourself.

After all, you never know what you will capture!

Just remember - living in the moment is always better than living for the moment online.  So put the camera down and allow yourself to just be - leaving the highlights to the professionals!  That's what we're there for!