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Simulated diamond engagement ring for travel.  Created by Everly Rings.

That stunning stone on my hand....Allow me to introduce you to Everly Rings.

I love diamonds.  Love, love love.  I love all diamonds, and I wear my engagement ring and wedding band every single day.  The only time I take my rings off is when I am traveling internationally and when I will be participating in activities that could cause some sever damage.  But the moment that I take my rings off, I feel naked!  

Which is why I started looking for alternatives that I could proudly wear while on the road.  In the past, my default has been a simple gold band. You may have seen it on my social media channels while broadcasting from Mexico and Grand Cayman.  As classic and understated as that gold ring is, I wanted something just  bit more dazzling, especially while on stage and during meet and greets. 

When I first discovered Everly Rings, I was struck my the name.  Everly is my daughter's middle name, and I love it. It's just such a beautiful word!

But back to the rings!  When I first saw them on Instagram, I thought they were authentic stones.  Upon clicking on the image, I saw that the rings are made of simulated diamonds.  Now, I am a diamond lover and jewelry connoisseur, and I was impressed!  These pieces looked good!  

I immediately connected to get a few pieces for myself.  I wanted something that would compliment my wedding set, but not be an exact replica.  As much as I love emerald cut diamonds, I was really interested in seeing an asscher cut stone.  Also, I wanted a band that was a little bit thinner than my eternity band.  I chose the Ryan Ring, which is an east to west set emerald cut, and the Mina Ring which features an asscher.  I added a Leighton Dome Band, which is my new obsession!  It's thin, pave, and very sparkly  .I want one in every color to stack on my pointer and middle fingers!

I never realized how hard it was to photograph diamonds until I tried to get pictures that truly do these rings justice!  As pretty as they are set against a bundle of roses and on a sample invitation, you really need to see these rings move to appreciate how they come to life.  If you want to see them moving about on my hand please visit my YouTube Channel and check out the video I filmed this morning. They are just gorgeous and they wear so well!

Everly Rings make perfect travel rings, and they also serve as a fantastic stand in for couple's who perhaps don't have their final rings on hand at their ceremony.  Once, I had a bride with a custom engagement ring that need to have work done on it right before the wedding.  She wasn't able to wear her actual engagement ring, and so we purchased a gorgeous piece that she was able to proudly wear and have photographed.  She kept it on throughout her honeymoon, and alternates from time to time.

Everly Rings are also great option for couples that are not yet engaged, and trying to decide on the style, cut, and carat weight that they are interested in.  With everything from solitaires to halos, you are guaranteed to find something you love.  And if you drop my name with the code "ANDREAEPPOLITO" you will get 15% off of your first purchase.

Do you wear travel rings?  Have you opted for a simulated diamond as an alternative while on the road?  I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please comment below!  And be sure to  LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel!

With love, always...


Simulated Diamond Engagement Rings by Everly.  
Big diamond engagement rings.  Eco friendly and conflict free by Everly Diamonds.
Real or fake?  Compare my real diamond on the left to the Everly Rings on the right.