The Griswold's Are Getting Married...Again!

The Griswold's Are Getting Married...Again!

The Griswold's Are Getting Married...Again!

Would you just look at these two?!?!  Three years ago these adorable high school sweethearts eloped to Las Vegas before the Mr. was deployed oversees.  Now, they are returning to celebrate their marriage and have a "proper" wedding....And so I affectionately call these two "Griswold's Getting Married...Again!"

HighSchool Sweethearts

What I adore about them is that they share a lifelong love.  Having met as high school freshman, the two were instantly smitten.  They shared classes, passed notes, and flirted intensely until one fateful night when they danced together at their school's charity ball.  As the last song came to a close, Karolina couldn't wait any longer for Ross to make a move, and so she kissed him.  As if on cue, her father walked in right at that moment, and on the drive home he teased her, saying, "What will your future husband think of you if I tell him this one day?"

High school drew to a close with Karolina and Ross still in love.  She hung a photo of an engagement ring in their shared locker, and told him that if he ever wanted to propose, he would need three things:  The ring, her father's permission, and her grandmother's permission.

Asking For Permission

Easier said than done!  Karolina's grandmother lives in Poland and only speaks Polish.  And so during the week of Ross' 21st birthday he flew to Poland with the family in the hopes of securing two of the three requirements.  However, birthday celebrations got out out hand, and Karolina's father set out to make the proposal process as difficult as possible!  On the morning after their boy's night out, Karolina's father confessed that Ross was trying to ask for her hand and that he refused.  Well, two could play at that game!  To help ease Ross along, Karolina asked her father - in Polish and in front of her grandmother - what other future potential husband would fly to a different country to try to ask for a grandmother's permission! Grandma was so excited \that she playfully beat the father with a dishrag before running off to hug Ross.

Back in the states, the Father of the Bride took more convincing.  The next time Ross tried to ask for permission, he brought with him a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka, tipping the odds in his favor. This time, Dad agreed.  But only after he passed a test: First, he and Ross would have to drink the entire bottle of Vodka. Then, when the bottle was empty, Ross would have balance sitting on the bottle length-wise with his legs outstretched in front of him and thread a needle.  Comparing the patience needed to be a husband to the patience it took to complete this task, he sat down and proceeded to drink with his future son in law.  One has to imagine that this was wonderfully fun to watch.  As it goes, it took Ross many attempts, but he did finally get it!

The Proposal

Now, after all of this I would have simply dropped to one knee and proposed immediately!  But Ross, ever the romantic, had other plans.  One day passed Thanksgiving, as Karolina and Ross were relaxing at his parent's house, Ross insisted on showing Karolina the yard work project he had been working on.  As they settled on a hammock, Ross brought out a shoe-box size, and inside he had kept every card Karolina had ever given him. The two read through each and ever one, remembering Valentine's Days, birthdays, Christmases, and years worth of memories thorough notes he had kept dating all the way to freshman year in High School. Towards the end, as the sun set, Ross told Karolina that he had one more box to show me. When he opened the second box Karolina found her corsages from both junior and senior prom.  Nestled in between the two was  an open white box with a gorgeous ring that looked just like the one Karolina hung in their shared locker in High School. Ross proposed, and after what felt to him like an eternity, Karolina said yes.

There are some people who just know.  It's rare, but it does exist.  

Thank you to The Griswold's for sharing their love story!  I am so looking forward to giving them a wedding worthy of their timeless love story!