The Bridal Masterclass - Featured Speakers Andrea Eppolito & Tony Fisher


EXCITING NEWS! Tony and I are going on the road….TOGETHER…for the very first time!

Over the past 10 years, Tony and I have traveled as educators and consultants separately; me teaching wedding professionals how to grow their businesses intentionally while cutting through the noise of a saturated market while my husband worked with restaurants and hospitality companies creating systems and initiates for growth and profit. We each have spent years training others separately, coming home and sharing war stories.

Tony is a genius, and the work he has done with me has been transformative. Not going to lie…I almost don’t want to share him! But when one of us gets better, we ALL get better.

I love this industry. I love what my work has been able to do for my couples, and I am obsessed with the other creatives that are in the trenches with me, making the world go ‘round! Wedding pros are the greatest people in the world. We are the makers of dreams come true, and helping our community members see the world in a new way that makes them better is the greatest feeling in the world!

I will be teaching wedding pros how to cut through the noise, tell a better story, and attract their ideal clients while Tony will be talking systems, deploying social media, and course creation. Then, as a bonus, we will be available to attendees to meet one-on-one during down time.

These events are going to be sensational and we kick off in Seattle next month with a special discount just for you!

The Bridal Masterclass Experience

*featuring Andrea Eppolito + Tony Fisher*

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The Bridal Masterclass Experience is an innovative take on wedding pro education incorporating all forms of learning to maximize the application and integration of new ideas and change the trajectory of your business.

This is a MUST-ATTEND if you've ever:

-Had a seminar notebook of ideas collect dust in a drawer

-Tried to implement something new only to make a mistake and lose the client

-Wasted time + money on styled shoots because they weren't published and didn't show your talents

Do you need more:

-Pro photos of YOUR work to use on your site and social media?

-Individual instruction for how to best use Instagram posts and stories?

-Actionable steps from wedding industry titans to take your business to the next level?

If you answered YES, choose a location, register and use the discount code, and get ready for an amazing educational experience!

2019-2020 Dates and Locations

Seattle: Oct 21-22, 2019

New York: Nov 5-6, 2019

San Francisco: Nov 24-25, 2019

Atlanta: Dec 2-3, 2019

Toronto: Dec 8-9, 2019

Philly: Feb 25-26, 2020

Dallas: March 3-4, 2020

Chicago: March 10-11, 2020

London: March 25-26, 2020

+Additional City TBD 2020 - Stay Tuned!

Discounted Tickets are Limited.

Book now - Sept. 30, 2019 and get a total of over 60% off!


What good is education if it doesn't change your life?

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