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Megan and Alan - Behind the Scenes at A Penthouse Wedding at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

I met Megan and Alan 377 days before their wedding in the ultra-exclusive Penthouse Villa of Caesars Palace.  That's just over a full year of planning, meetings, phone calls, text messages, and wine that went into transforming the space, so posh and private that it will never even be seen by most visitors into a wedding venue that would give the bride and groom a wedding with all of the formality and tradition that one would have in a traditional ballroom.

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Introducing Real Couple Stephanie & Justin - Set to Wed in Spring of 2015 at The Westin Lake Las Vegas

If there is one thing about my job that I love, it's that I get to fall in love over and over again...Always with different couples, always in different ways.  What better way to keep romance alive than to celebrate it everywhere, and in everything!   When Stephanie called me about planning her wedding to Justin after nearly a decade together, I fell in love with their story, the history they share, and the path that they have taken which has led them to Las Vegas, and to me!

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Retired NFL Player Rocky Bernard Weds the Love of His Life at The Four Seasons Las Vegas
Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito shares her behind the scenes photos from this summer wedding at The Four Seasons Las Vegas. 

Retired NFL Player Rocky Bernard and Halona Grimes were married in a beautiful, candle lit wedding at the Four Seasons Las Vegas.  

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