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Karolina & Ross Griswold - Engagement Photos by Meg Ruth

Las Vegas Wedding Planner shares the engagement photos of Karolina & Ross Griswold, as shot by Meg Ruth Photography.  

You may remember Karolina & Ross Griswold from my earlier blog post "Griswolds Getting Married...Again!"  Three years after having eloped to Las Vegas, these two darlings are planning the wedding of their dreams, and it's only right that they should have every experience imaginable...including an engagement session!

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An Exclusive Look at Megan and Alan's Las Vegas Villa Wedding at Caesars Palace | Photos by Alt F Photography

Everyone has heard of those mythical villas and suites hidden throughout Las Vegas.  The ones with 24 hour butlers, sweeping views, and every luxurious amenity imaginable.  Most people will never have the chance to see one of these, much less get married in one!  But Megan and Alan Bridges aren't most people!  Set high above the city of Las Vegas in a private villa so exclusive, you can only access it with a security escort, Megan, Alan, and I spent over a year working with resort executives at Caesars Palace, lighting companies, decor teams, and florists...Not to mention some of the greatest chefs from around the world!  

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Ask Andrea - Why Do I Take Behind The Scenes Photos at a Wedding?

Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito talks about her obsession with behind the scenes photography, and why she and her team take their own photos while executing a wedding.

Behind the Scenes Photos and Videos....I love them!  Love them!  And I've become known for them over the past few years.  Recently, I received the following Direct Message via my Instagram account:

Q. Beautiful weddings! Do you also work as the wedding photographer for your couples?  

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