Style Me Pretty is Closing....Now Calm Down

Style Me Pretty Closes.  Wedding Community Freaks Out.

What started out as a normal Tuesday took a crazy turn when the announcement was made that Style Me Pretty, the iconic wedding blog that has been around for nearly 10 years, will be shutting down at the end of this month.  This news has upended the wedding industry, and there is a level of freaking out that I have not seen in years.  

To my fellow wedding pros, I say this...Calm Down.  Please.  Will you loose links?  Sure, but so will all of your competitors.  Will you need to do a little leg work to capture all of your press and safeguard it in terms of screenshots and digital archives?  Sure.  Will you have one less blog and channel to check in with every morning?  Yes.  But the world will move on, because the world always does.

There was a time when we all had walkmans, that gave way to iPods, that gave way to iPhones.  MySpace moved out of the way for Facebook, and Periscope and Vine disappeared with Snapchat and Instagram.  

Style Me Pretty had a an extraordinary run.  I have no idea why they shuttered, and won't disrespect the creators or employees by speculating.  I don't know why they didn't sell, or morph into something new.  I can't speak about what will happen to the content or how it will affect traffic.  But I can tell you what it means for the wedding industry at large. 

Nothing.  Couples will continue to get married.  They will use other mediums that will spring up in SMP's place as a way to find their creative teams.  Magazines will come and go, just like businesses, just like blogs.  But the things that make our company, the fiber of our beings as custodians of this industry, those things will remain the same.

Hard work.  Transparency.  Creativity.  Communication.  The ability to look at the world and find a way to make it better, to make it more beautiful.  The wedding industry exists to bring dreams to life, to benchmark moments and tell stories.  We as a community will wake up tomorrow and we will continue to do these things.

If today's announcement does anything to us as a whole, I hope it inspires us to get back to the basics of just being good at what we do.  I hope we remember that the world turns at record speed, and that today's icons are tomorrow's faded memories.

I hope we remember that this closing is not about us.  It's about the founders, the creators, and the employees who built that brand.  A real person had to make that announcement today.  People went to work as a part of a team, and left unsure about their future.  Someone had a dream that died.  And that is prolifically sad for them.  For us, it's inconvenient.  

So please, calm down.  Do what you need to do to secure the digital real estate you had on the site.  Remember that you are bigger than a blog, and the work you do for your people is not measured in links, but in memories.

And as long as we all do a damn good job at that, we're going to be ok.  And so are they.

Looking forward to what comes next, with love and appreciation for the years of inspiration.

Thank you Style Me Pretty.  


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Style Me Pretty Closes