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A wedding without flowers?  Why not!  For a bride who doesn't love blooms, that's exactly what we did!  Photo by  Deidra Wilson .  

A wedding without flowers?  Why not!  For a bride who doesn't love blooms, that's exactly what we did!  Photo by Deidra Wilson.  

Today I am going to ask you for a favor.  Stop being afraid...Of the planning process.  Of your ideas.  Of the 101 random, crazy, seemingly off the wall thoughts that go through your mind.  Stop being afraid of the "what ifs"...This is where the good stuff is!

My consultations and the design process are always centered around questions..."Who are you as a couple?"  "What do you want your wedding to feel like?"  "What do you want guests to remember about your wedding?"  Unanimously, my couples want something that feels unique, and very much like "them" while at the same time being the perfect combination of timeless elegance with just a touch of edge.

As we dive further into the design and details, my couples and I begin trading photos and ideas.  Inevitably will come up with an idea for something new, and when I present it I am met with silence.  A blank stare, followed by, "Um.  Uh, okay...Can you send me a picture or something?"  No,  I don't have a picture.  Or a sample.  Or an example.  I have pieces and ideas, sketches, and an inkling, but no, not an exact photo.  Typically because what I am describing has yet to be done.  It simply does not exist.  There are parts and pieces of inspiration laying about.  But one exact photo as a whole?  No, that I don't have.  Your wedding is yours alone.  Not a duplicate of what someone else had before you. 

And why....WHY...would you want that?  Why would you want something that someone else has had?  The answer, I find, is fear.  Couples are afraid; to make a mistake, to not love it, or to hear after the fact that their guests didn't get it.  All of those feeling are perfectly relevant and I understand.  We are often making a major investment in an idea, and the thought that you may not love something in real life is terrifying.

It takes a lot to trust in the process, but I will tell you this; no client of mine has ever regretted taking a chance on something that is "just left of the center" of normal.  Whether it was entrusting me to design their wedding cake with no input at all, or allowing me to push through design after design because it just wasn't quite right...Or even standing by on the day of the wedding while I change things on site; which, as you may have heard, I do at every wedding!  Just to make it right!

You see, it's that little extra push, that relentless pursuit of something that hasn't been Pinned over 100 times...That's what makes your wedding special.  Those are the details people remember.  It's the little things that maybe on their own don't seem to mean all that much, but together they create a moment, a mood, a memory.  That's what makes your wedding, yours.

You Are Better Than a Knock Off.  So be inspired.  Be you.  Indulge in every idea and let the magic happen.  

Be fearless, my friends.  Be fearless.


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PS -

Just one small example of how being fearless can pay off for you...A few years back, I was retained by a bride who just wasn't that into flowers.  Didn't love them, didn't like, and almost always found that they were a waste.  Yet there was this pressure have them.  Everyone wanted to talk to her about roses and orchids and centerpieces, and she was just kind of "meh" about the whole thing.  What do you do with a bride that doesn't want flowers, or color?  You simply design without them! 

And so imagine my confusion when she presented me with tall, towering cake covered in multicolored roses!  It didn't make sense.  Not for who she was as a person, not for her wedding.  It was completely out of character.  She loved the wedding we designed, but had this nagging fear over the expectations and lack of flowers.  So we made a deal:  She would give me complete creative control over the cake in it's entirety. My part was a promise that if she didn't love it, I would pay for it. 

I worked with the team at Gimme Some Some to create something that was romantic and dazzling, with a hint of a flower, but devoid of anything too colorful or overly flowery.  This is what we came up with...

The cake was a hit, and to this day remains not only as one of my favorite creations, but it also goes down as one of the most requested, asked about, and followed cakes that I have ever done.  But what's more important is that the bride loved it!  She loved it!  At the time she said that she had never seen another cake designed and set up just like this, and years later it is one of the standout talking points from her wedding that guests still marvel over.

Cake by Gimme Some Sugar.  Photo by  Deidra Wilson.  

Cake by Gimme Some Sugar.  Photo by Deidra Wilson.