Spring Cleaning with Wedding Beauty Concierge Elwynn & Cass

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Owner of Elwynn & Cass Katelyn McCullough.  http://elwynnandcass.com/

If you follow my social media and read the "Comments" section then there's no doubt that you've seen the handle of luxe beauty concierge Elwynn & Cass in there.  Owner Katelyn McCullough is phenomenal on social, and even better with beauty!

We were recently talking about spring cleaning, and how brides to be, bridesmaids, and the rest of us should add cleaning out our products and cleaning out brushes to the traditional spring cleaning we all do.

As your wedding approaches, there is no doubt that you will be taking extra special care of your skin, guaranteeing that you will look flawless and gorgeous in your photos.  A good skin care routine, high quality moisturizer, lots of water, and sleep are the basics.  But we don't realize that what we use to put on our make up is as important as the make up itself!

According to the team at Elwynn & Cass, your brushes are very much like your skin.  Every day the collect dust, debri, make up, oil, and powders.  You need to keep them clean to prevent any dirt build up. Dirty brushes can lead to all sorts of unwanted side effects, such as acne, spotting, and uneven skin texture.  

I never knew if I was cleaning my brushes properly, and it always seemed like a process.  But it turns out that is actually pretty simple!  Mix alcohol and water in a spray bottle, and spritz our brushes with the solution.  Then, when fully wet, gently rub them against a paper towel. Slowly, you will see the built-up makeup coming off.   Repeat as often as it takes for the brushes to rub cleanly.  Depending on how long it's been since your last cleaning, this could take a while! Pros can clean 10 brushes or so in about 15 minutes, but it takes me about 25 - 30.

Once you have a completely clean set, keep them that way by repeating the process every few weeks...or at least every 2 - 3 months!  A good way to remember is to clean with the changing of the seasons.

Moment of Truth:  The last time I cleaned my brushes they were so vile and old that I actually said "F*ck it!" and bought a whole new set!  So this advice comes at just the right time!  I promise you, Katelyn, I'll keep my new set in great shape!

Do you need more hair and make up tips? Want to know what an artist is really thinking when they look at your hair and face?  Leave your questions in the comments and one of my partners will jump in and give you all the information you need.

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Boho beauty bridal by Elwynn and Cass includes an organic, wild bouquet.  Photo courtesy of http://elwynnandcass.com/
Styled bridal shoot by http://elwynnandcass.com/
Las Vegas Wedding Planner shares a Valentine's Day Styled Shoot by http://elwynnandcass.com/
Las Vegas Wedding Planner shares a Valentine's Day Styled Shoot by http://elwynnandcass.com/
Destination Wedding Planner shares this classic beauty by http://elwynnandcass.com/
Las Vegas Wedding Planner shares behind the scenes images of classic beauty by Las Vegas Wedding Planner shares a Valentine's Day Styled Shoot by http://elwynnandcass.com/

Elwynn + Cass: The Beauty Experience You Deserve

If you have ever need to get ready for an event and didn’t know who to go to, raise your hand. I know you can’t see it, but I’m raising my hand too. It’s hard right? Like really freaking hard, and ultimately you stress yourself out because there are too many options and you have no idea the quality.

My mother and I found it almost impossible to find the right fit for beauty services the conventional way (i.e. a google search) and we realized we wanted a personalized experience. Someone to handle all of that guesswork for us and make it an unforgettable experience. So we created Elwynn + Cass, Beauty Concierge Service to solve that problem.

Beauty Concierge Service?

If you haven’t heard of a beauty concierge service, don’t worry, you aren’t alone or out of the loop. It’s a new concept in the wedding world and it’s meant to make the process easier, because let’s be honest, you have a million and one things you are thinking about already.

To give you some insight, Elwynn + Cass, LLC is a Beauty Concierge Service with a focus on luxury beauty planning for clients and events. We started our business to take all the stress and guesswork out of organizing beauty services, such as matching the artists best suited to the client based on the experience they are looking for. We wanted the focus to be on the experience and how the client wants to feel, since we started the company based on personal experience and found that there was a lot of time and stress in determining who to go to for beauty services. It’s the beauty experience a client deserves to have.

How Does It Work?

So the basic process with us is that after inquiring about a wedding or event, we like to get a genuine sense of the client. Who they are, what they like, how they want to feel on the special day, if they have a budget in mind, etc. All of these elements give us a sense of what they will be needing more so than just hair or makeup.

After getting a sense of the client and their needs, we then personally match the artists we work with to the client based on the best fit. This includes budget, personality, location, etc. as each and every individual is unique and so every experience should be the same.

From this point on, we handle all of the aspects relating to beauty.

  • Coordination of artists

  • Beauty timeline creation + adjustments if needed

  • Checklist for trial + day of

  • Insurance

  • Travel if applicable

  • Additional artists if needed

  • Substitutions/additions

  • Billing/payment

  • Available for constant communication throughout the entire process

Literally you can just sit back, sip on a mimosa and enjoy the experience as you should.

Beauty Services:

Beauty is very personal, and can dictate how you go about your day, especially how you feel on your wedding day. We get asked the most to set up hair and makeup for special events, but when we say beauty planning, we literally mean it all.

We will set you up with hair, makeup, nails, massages, lash extensions, spray tanning, etc. and we all forget, but the gents deserve some love too. In which case, we organize barber services (shaves, trims, haircuts, etc.) for the groomsmen all the time.

Ultimately we want you to have the best experience possible, and stress free, because you deserve it.





IG: @elwynnandcass