S.O.S - Save your Soles with Sole Serum

Sole Serum  saves your feet and keeps you in your wedding shoes all night long!

Sole Serum saves your feet and keeps you in your wedding shoes all night long!

As a self-proclaimed shoe lover who believes the higher the better, I know the pain of breaking in a new pair of stilettos!  And yet every day we women slip on the shiniest and sexiest of shoes and head out the door - sore toes and swollen tootsies be damned! 

There is a special kind of pain that comes on your wedding day - whether you are in flats (an emerging trend among my brides) or in towering Louboutins.  You are excited, running on adrenaline, and stopping, twirling, and dancing around until...BAM! Your feet start to pound and suddenly you can barely stand.

No matter how much time you spend breaking in those shoes, it's going to happen.  Be prepared, and slip a little Sole Serum in your bag!

When Tricia, the owner and developer of Sole Serum, first reached out to me I thought, "Yeah....ok."  But she was so adorably infectious about her product, and she's from my husband's home town of Minot, so I thought...Why not?

My package arrived in the mail on Friday, just in time for our 4th of July Weekend and all the parties that followed.  I tossed the mint green pouch in my bag and off I went.  To tell you the truth, I nearly forgot about it until late one night when my feet started to swell.  I slipped out of my sandals and rubbed just a little on my toes on the ball of my foot.  The serum smells like a spa, slightly minty with a mix of oil undertones.  Within moments my feet felt tingly and then, somewhat numb.  I was able to put my feel back into my sandals without any real swelling, and went through the rest of my night feeling fine!

Super affordable and it works!  

Check out Sole Serum - it would make a great gift for your bridesmaids, a nice addition to the Ladies Room Beauty Baskets for friends and family, and is a must have for your honeymoon!


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