The Lux Touch - Hospitality Medicine with AM~PM DOC

24 Hour Concierge Doctor Service in Las Vegas.

24 Hour Concierge Doctor Service in Las Vegas.

As a Wedding Planner I am all about "The Pretty" ~ You know, those little details that come together so beautifully, giving style, personality and an edge to your wedding day.  But what would happen if you (or your groom, or your guests) had a problem while traveling to your wedding?  Or, even worse, got injured or ill right before the wedding?  That can cause "The Pretty" to be pretty ugly...

While is why I am thrilled to introduce you to Hospitality Medicine!  I recently sat down with their Vice President of Sales, Tyra Bell-Holland, to learn more.  Here is what she said:

"Our goal is Hospitality Medicine™. Our physicians are expertly trained in House Call, Pharmacology, Hospitality, Service, Bedside Manner, Cross Cultural Communications, and many other patient oriented skill sets. By bringing treatment to the patient, we believe we provide quality of care that's unsurpassed in managed healthcare systems.

We're provide in room medical services 24/7 to all resort guests or private residences and actually sends a medical practitioner in less than 1 hour. AM~PM DOC's fees are covered in full to any guest who is traveling with travel insurance so the guest can request a doctor in their room or suite for personal VIP treatment at anytime for anything without the worry of costs. For those not traveling with travel insurance, the guest is responsible upfront for the arrival fee, but we provide invoicing immediately for them to submit to their insurance for reimbursement. Or, if a guest left or lost their prescription and it does not require a doctor visit, we can simply provide them with a prescription for a lesser fee."

Travel Insurance can be purchased on a per trip basis and costs as little as 4% of the value of your trip.  And the best part is that Traveler's Insurance covers much more than just medical services, such as flight delays, nonrefundable tickets, lost luggage, reimbursement costs for lost items, lost passport, lost job and so much more….Very reasonable for the peace of mind!  Especially when your wedding plans hang in the balance!

Before you purchase any type of policy be sure to check out the reputation of the insurance company you are working with. You can start by looking at organizations like the U.S. Travel Insurance Association, which provides helpful advice on choosing travel insurance. You can also go to your Better Business Bureau (BBB) office to find out about qualified travel insurance companies.

Sure, it's an extra expense.  And it isn't fun, or sexy, or even pretty.  But it is important to ensure that you and your wedding are protected!


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