Sammy + Ian Gorgeous Outdoor Engagement Photos on a Cloudy Day at Red Rock Canyons

Amazing engagement photos taken in at Mount Charleston on a gorgeous, cloudy day!  This is such a beautiful love story, and will make you believe in the power of match makers!

Sammy was living in Los Angeles. Ian was living in Pittsburgh. Ian's Aunt Wendy worked with Sammy. She had told Sammy about Ian for a while. "He's smart, handsome, funny, kind." Sammy was intrigued, but with 2,500 miles between them, the chance of them meeting, let alone dating, seemed like a stretch.

In September, 2013 Ian traveled west for a family wedding in San Francisco, but not before spending a few days with his Los Angeles family. Sammy came over for dinner and she was excited that Ian was everything Wendy had described. Two nights later, Ian and Sammy went to dinner and found they were quite compatible with each other. They exchanged numbers before Ian left LA and they found themselves talking every night.

It took nineteen months, a new job for both of them, a move to Las Vegas, and a massive hair cut, but Sammy and Ian finally landed in the same time zone in May, 2015. Three days after Ian arrived in Las Vegas to be with Sammy, he proposed in La Quinta, CA with friends and family eagerly awaiting Sammy's reply, which, of course was YES!

Sammy graduated with a BA in American Studies from Brandeis University.  She is the Director of Advancement for The Meadows School, where she is also an alumna.  Ian received his BS in Zoology from Miami University, Ohio and an MS in Chemistry and Ph.D. in Bio-Analytical Chemistry from Cleveland State.  He is currently the Senior Chemist at MMLab.  Ian and Sammy both love staying active, cooking, entertaining, and spending time with family and friends.

We are less than two months away from their very couture wedding at the Mandarin Oriental, and I am waiting with baited breath to see this stunning couple meet at the alter and get married. 

And, in a word, I will offer a hint of what's to come.....


That is all.