Real Couple ~ Introducing Michelle & Curtis

~ Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito introduces Michelle & Curtis ~

Have you ever met someone and immediately had a sense of, "I know this person.  I like this person...I could love this person."  Well, this story begins in a way  that is the exact opposite of that!  

When Michelle joined the finance team at her family's Ford dealership, Curtis had already been working as a part of the team for nearly two months.  The word around the water cooler made Curtis think that Michelle would be a bit "difficult" with a tiny little bit of an attitude, so Curtis had his guard up from the moment she walked into the room.  That chill soon melted, however, and both Michelle and Curtis found themselves turning to one another for a quick laugh, a lunch, support and advice.  Life aligned itself in such a way that suddenly allowed them to be together, they are now planing a wedding for this November at The Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino.

Curtis has the absolute most romantic way of describing his relationship with Michelle:

 I have never looked back and I never will look back at what we have gone through to be with each other and not one moment goes by that I would change for a second. We have a great story that gets written more and more each day that passes and I get to live this with the one I love the most!!!!!

We fit together like a puzzle and our personalities match like she was molded for me...

When I asked Michelle to tell me about her relationship with Curtis, their shared love for and commitment to their families really came through.

Curtis has a son, Vincent, and I have two children, Cole and Adysen.   I am famous for referring to our blended family as “His, Mine...Ours”. 

I count myself lucky every single day to have met such an amazing man who loves me and my children endlessly. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t make me feel like the most loved, luckiest girl in this world.   I  always found it very corny when people would tell me they were going to marry their best friend.  I honestly never understood it until now.  I just couldn’t picture my life without him!  He is truly my everything.

When Michelle first called me I could not believe that we were literally going to plan this wedding in less than 10 weeks!  But thanks to the amazing team at The Venetian and Wolfgang Puck's Postrio, along with my very close and talented friends at Lorenz Photo, Naakiti Floral, Make Up in the 702, and Sight 'n Sound, Michelle and Curtis will have a wedding worthy of the love they share for each other and their babies.

With love to his, hers...and theirs...