Proud to be a Speaker at The NACE Experience in Houston

Hello my friends!  

I am oh so proud to announce that I will be a speaker at The NACE Experience in Houston this July.  I will be giving a lecture on resilience.

"Resilience by the Numbers" is both personal and humbling for me.  As a person on the planet, we will all go through hard times.  Each of us is on our own journey, and there are times when it feels like a badge of honor to talk about just how hard things are.  That kills me.  It isn't a competition.  As one of my all time favorite TED talk speakers Ash Beckham says, "Hard is not relative; hard is hard."

My hard moments, both personally and professionally, have not been more or less hurtful, daunting, or damaging than anyone else's.  What has set me apart and what allows me to sit here and write this piece - literally 2 months in advance of standing up and speaking to a crowd full of hospitality professionals - is my level of resilience.  It's my ability to deal with the hard.  Some of it is just the stuff I am made of, an inherent personality trait.  Some of it was taught to me, making me very much a product of my environment.  And some was forged in fire, learned along the way in times when I believed there was no other choice.  

I never really knew how or why I got here.  What made me different?  Why could I endure some of the challenges that came my way, while other's buckled?  I wanted to learn about what made me durable in certain areas.  Was it nature?  Nurture?  Or both?

Resilience is like yoga; it is a practice.  You work on it every day.  You bend.  You stretch.  You feel things you are unfamiliar with.  Sometimes it feels amazing and sometimes it hurts like hell.  But through it don't break.

In the end, I am a cheerleader.  I want everyone to win.  And the only way I have ever found to win, is not to quit.  Hopefully this talk will open the door to some hard conversations, and give people some tools to get through hard times.  If so, then my hard was worth it.  I can assign it a purpose.  And maybe in the end we all collectively get a little closer to the win.

If you are going to be in Houston in July please come see me!  It will be a quick trip for me, but I want to meet, talk with, cocktail with, and learn from as many of you as I can.

See you in Texas!


Professional Speaker