Olivier Proposes to Marie-Helene: Videography

I love, love, love it when I am asked to take part in planning a proposal!  There is something so special about helping a couple in love become engaged!  The joy and enthusiasm that erupts in that moment when one of the two realizes what is about to take place never fails to inspire me, and being present at the beginning of their engagement is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

I tend to have very high expectations for the moment of engagement.  And last week Olivier Drouin proposed to Marie-Helene Demers at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas the moment was nothing short of spectacular!

Armed only with a handful of photos of their children, a love song, and with the knowledge that Marie-Helene considers purple to be her "power color" I was off!  A quick session with of planning and plotting with Randi of Naakiti Floral focused our design, and while Olivier treated Marie-Helene to dinner at Robuchon followed by the Celine Show, we retrieved the key stealthily left for me and prepared the room.  Randi's design centered around one pillar lit from within and accented by nearly 100 candles of various sizes and tones, washing the room in shades of purple and lavender.

The amazing John Michael Cooper of AltF was on hand to capture the moment, and I am quite sure that his work will put mine to shame!  Those photos will be available shortly, but until then,  I wanted to share the personal video we managed to take...


PS ~ I love that the mirrored suite at The Cosmopolitan allowed us to get every emotion and moment as Marie-Helene entered the room and finally came to realize what was about to happen!