Meet Photographer Brian Friedman of B Freed

Engagement Photos from B Freed Weddings.

Oh, to have another New Yorker here in Las Vegas.  Especially one as supremely talented as Brian Friedman of B Freed Photography!

We were e-troduced by Carla Ten Eyck, a friend I've made through the Engage.  Brian and his wife had decided to move to Las Vegas - practically on a whim - and he brought with him one of the most unique perspectives on wedding photography that I have seen in years.  He has been shooting music festivals and concerts for nearly a decade, capturing everyone from Coldplay to Taylor Swift  to Beyonce.  And yet he continues to be drawn to weddings.  It's where he gets to truly live his mission statement, which is to bring joy to the world through his photography.  He believes that images can impact people's lives when they convey real emotion. Where better to do that than at a wedding?

Brian was recently a guest of the podcast, where he offers his advice  on selecting a photographer and how to be more comfortable in front of the camera.  Of all his tips, which include asking your potential photographer about their business management to scheduling an engagement shoot in advance of the wedding (which is a must!) the fan favorite is his suggestion to have a glass of white wine or some bubbles!   Not to get totally sloshed, just a sip or two to take the edge off!  Not a drinker and hosting a dry wedding, take a few minutes to breathe, and get the family pics out of the way so you can loosen up when it's time for your couple portraits.

What I love about Brian's work is his ability to capture color and light in a really vibrant, true way.  For years we have been seeing muted images that have been highly manipulated through photo shop, and other photos with super high exposures that blow out color to whiten and brighten the frame.  Both styles are beautiful in their own right, but neither are "real" - and today's culture is all about being authentic! That's why lighting and maintaining the integrity of color is so important, and Brian does both beautifully.

More importantly - and valuable! - to me is Brian's ability to capture moments as they happen.  When shooting concerts, you just never know what will happen, and you need to be prepared to get the money shot....Where ever and when ever it happens.  In that way, it's very much like a wedding, and Brian's eye has been trained to anticipate those moments and put himself in the perfect position to capture them.  Crisp, clean, and perfectly in focus.  These images - of both the artists and the couples - are iconic.  

Check out his images of weddings and festivals below, and get to know Brian on the podcast.  For more images of his work and to learn more, click HERE.  He's a such doll, easy to work with, and easier to love!



Bridal portrait from celebrity wedding photographer Brian Friedman of B Freed.
Coldplay's Chris Martin by Brian Friedman of B Freed Wedding Photography.
First Dance with Fog by Celebrity Photographer Brian Friedman.  The lighting is perfect.  
Taylor Swift in concert.
Sweeping landscape wedding portrait.  Brian Friedman of B Freed Wedding Photography.
Intimate Couple's Portrait by Brian Friedman Photography.