Meet Michelle & Michael - Las Vegas Engagement Photos

I'd like you to meet Michelle and Michael.  Mike was the trainer trying desperately to be professional with the new girl at the gym. Michelle was the new girl who just wouldn't let the sweet guy get away.

"Mike is the guy who turned all of my no's into yes'.  Before I met Mike, I never wanted to get married, have kids or have a wedding.  Within weeks of dating Mike all of those ideas slowly changed to yes' without any hesitation.  My friends were flabbergasted but my dad said he always knew I would meet a man who would change my mind.   I had never had this feeling before where his happiness was intertwined with my happiness. I knew that I wanted Mike to be my partner in life. "

When Michelle & Mike first called, we bonded immediately. I loved listening to Michelle tell me about how from the moment she met Mike she just knew that there was something different and special about him, how he was the perfect combination of shy and sweet, but once you get him talking very funny, how she just knew that he would be a great father someday, and that they couldn't wait to start a family.

They were so excited about not only their wedding, but their future marriage!  I just loved them and thought, "Here's a couple I really want to work with!"

Michelle and Michael are getting married this spring at the Siena Golf Club.  The day is being planned around great food and drinks, with lots of dancing and a few cool surprises.

Having asked for a wedding that is timeless, romantic, and ethereal, you can expect gorgeous, soft colors, beautiful flowers (from Naakiti Floral, natch!) and spectacular lighting.

One of the best things about being a Las Vegas wedding planner with a Las Vegas couple means that we get to go do a lot of very cool things together!  I am honored to have been able to be with Michelle when she picked out her wedding gown at Couture Bridal, when she and her girls selected their bridesmaids dresses at Bella Bridesmaids, and when she met with Ella Gagiano, who will handle the trifecta of photo, video and photo booth!

But one of my favorite moments (aside from the many lunches I get to share with this kindred-souled foodie!) was when I met Mike at my gym, which he now trains at!  I am certain he thought that I was a crazy person as I hailed him over from my stair climber, but the moment I told him that I was his wedding planner his face just lit up!  The absolute joy and excitement he had was adorable.  Michelle was right - he is a little shy.  But the one thing he just couldn't hide was how much he loves her and wants to marry her. As we talked he said things like "I'm really excited" and  "I can't wait."

Neither can I!  Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives!  I promise to make your wedding wonderful!