Meagan and Kasey: Coming Soon in 2019

Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito. Images by Adam Frazier. Beauty by Glammed Up Las Vegas.

Meet Meagan and Kasey. Their Waldorf Astoria wedding will take place in the summer of 2019. Wedding Planner Las Vegas Andrea Eppolito. Photo by Adam Frazier. Hair and Make Up by Glammed Up Las Vegas.

I fell in love with Meagan and Kasey very quickly. It took the two of them a bit more time to fall in love with each other, though.

The moment they met, there was an instant attraction. Meagan, a native Las Vegan, had moved to San Diego with her best friend. Kasey, still lived in his hometown of Chicago. The two were geographically undesirable, and yet they moved around each other for years. Kasey was smitten, and determined to get to know her. He persisted for year until one night after cocktails and music, Meagan let Kasey hold her hand.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Meagan says that Kasey makes her feel safe, confident, loved and like she is always enough. He has strong family values and takes pride in being a family man. Together, they have two dogs that they love to take walk and bring to the beach. They love the Padres games (and got engaged at a game) and are known to for their love of margaritas!

Today, our Bride and Groom to be live together in Sand Diego....Next to their very best friends, Nikki and Kevin, responsible for introducing them so many years ago. They are returning to the bride’s hometown of Las Vegas where they will host a beautiful black tie wedding at the newly remodeled Waldorf Astoria.

But first, engagement photos. Enjoy!



Meagan and Kasey at the Smith Center.
Piano engagement photos at The Smith Center.
Black and white engagement photos at The Smith Center Las Vegas.
Meagan and Kasey Engagement Photos.
The bride to be wore a red gown for her engagement photos.
And the bride wore red.
Bride and groom in blue for engagement photos taken in bar at Waldorf Astoria.
Engagement photos and cocktails.