Marci & Mike Wed at Bellagio - Video Trailer by Cashman

Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito shares the professional trailer of Marci & Mike's Bellagio Wedding courtesy of Cashman Video.

Michael & Marci - Recap from Cashman Productions on Vimeo.

When Marci met Mike, it was a "Grey's Anatomy" come to life! Both were studying to be doctors, and while it may have been "love at first sight" it did take a few months for the stars to align and bring these two together! 

When planning their wedding, the most important thing was that they gave their guests something fun and unforgettable. For an iconic weekend filled with love, romance, and world-class entertainment only The Bellagio would do!

Wedding Highlights captured by Cashman Video, and set to the sounds of the Saints and Sinners band that performed at the wedding.


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