Let It Go To Let It Come | Engage 2017 Nizuc

Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito shares her personal reflection of her time at The Engage! Luxury Wedding Summit in Nizuc.  Photo courtesy of Nizuc Resort. 

"Let it go to let it come."

This message has been brought to me over and over again this year, but no more clearly than over my last week in Nizuc.  

If I were a pessimist, I would say that 2017 has been rooted in loss.  But that isn't who am I, and the much clearer truth is that 2017 has been about releasing the things that are not truly mine.  Some of these releases were done with enthusiasm and appreciation; the selling of our family home, the giving over of things that no longer served us so that they could serve others.  Other things were released less graciously, much more slowly,  and infinitely more painfully; the loss of a best friend, the end of a partnership, and relationships with creatives that changed until they all but disappeared.  Those hurt, I won't pretend they didn't and don't.

Yet as my husband and I settled into our suite, I thought of the words I had heard from my friend Simon T Bailey just a week before:  "Let it go to let it come."  And in those first 24 hours together, I did think of the losses; not with the sadness that some of them had brought, but with appreciation and gratitude for what they allowed me to have.  My beautiful children.  My relationship with my parents and siblings.  My dear, sweet husband who truly is the greatest and only partner I have ever needed.   My clients.  My work.  A new business. New relationships.  New people to get messy and creative with.  Time.  And the coming of a new year which is full of opportunity and the promise of a chance to do something dazzling...

Like this trip.  Not taking a honeymoon (awful, I know!) was always a bit of a heartbreak for me.  But, much like the rest of our unconventional relationship, doing things our own way just works for Tony and I.  We didn't go into our marriage with starry eyes and idealistic dreams.  We chose each other as adults...Two people who more than loved each other, but liked each other.  This trip was filled with a giddy sense of excitement and planning for our future, as all honeymoons should be!  It also included naps, and talks, and dinners and room service.  We were able to marvel at the nearly 13 years we have spent together and the life we have created.  We walked about ourselves, we talked about our kids, our businesses, and our future.  We walked.  We laid around.  We repelled into a cenote!  I rode a bike for the first time in 28 years.

My husband left Nizuc as registration opened.  I kissed him at the curb and walked away; straight into a gaggle of my Engage family and friends.  As I waved him off I thought, "Let it go to let it come."

This blog isn't filled with all of things I learned; there is no "Top 10" list.  The gorgeous professional photos aren't up yet, and I've barely had time to review my notes.  But as I sit here on the plane, looking back at the week through the eyes of Instagram, I am just so grateful to have my husband, to have this conference, and to have these people....The ones who came and stayed.

More to come, with love...xoxo

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