Introducing Alexandria ~ The Newest Member of Our Team!

Alexandria Everly Fisher.  The tiniest wedding planner at Andrea Eppolito Events.  

Alexandria Everly Fisher.  The tiniest wedding planner at Andrea Eppolito Events.  

After 40 amazing weeks (and 50 not so amazing pounds) I am so proud to introduce you to the newest member of our family ~ and perhaps a future wedding planner!

Baby Girl Alexandria Everly Fisher!

Those of you who read my blog regularly have seen the growing bump and been amazing about sending your love and support!  Those who follow me on Twitter and get friendly on Facebook have said the most beautiful things about her name.  Many have asked how we chose it, and while I would love to take all of the credit for everything, I just can't...Mainly because Daddy won't let me!

"Alexandria" was indeed his pick and universally the first choice.  Both of our maternal grandfathers were named a derivative of "Alex" and we loved the idea of honoring them and keeping a family significance.  You don't hear "Alexandria" as often as some of the other feminine versions of Alex, and while she may spend the rest of her life correcting people who mispronounce it, we loved that it sounded special and unique.  It means "warrior" and "defender of men" - All things I want her to be!

Her middle name, Everly, was mentioned by one of my life long friends. I immediately fell in love with it.  After all, I felt as if I had waited for"ever" to have this little baby, and there was something about the word that conveyed a softness and delicate nature that I just adored.

I live for celebrating the love that exists between two people at weddings, but in our house there is nothing more important than looking at The Littles and enjoying every second we spend with them.  Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive, sent so much love, and especially to the couples who were so patient for during the final weeks of our pregnancy and through the quiet of my maternity leave.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled weddings....So much has happened and I have much to share!