Happy Birthday to Me ~ We're Officially 1 Year Old!

Andrea Eppolito Brides - Thank you for making our first year so amazing!

Andrea Eppolito Brides - Thank you for making our first year so amazing!

It was exactly one year ago today that I packed up my little guy, drove across town and stood in a very long line with my LLC Paperwork in hand ~ formally turning my dream of someday owning my own wedding planning business into a reality!

The road to that office - both figuratively and literally - was full of all sorts of twists and turns, diversions, and re-routing efforts.  But I always knew that I was meant to create memories and that I would someday work as a Wedding Planner.

Somehow ~ I made it.

It is no secret that most businesses fail within the first two years of being formed, and so this birthday is extra special in that it allows me to celebrate the past while recommitting myself to the future of this company and to all of you!   While I plan to celebrate this little milestone tonight (with my partner in business and in life ~ the one and only Tony Fisher) I could not let this moment pass without truly thanking from the bottom of my heart the people who have touched, supported and inspired me along the way...

TonyFisher ~ There are no words, only love...

And to Our Babies ~ There is nothing Mommy loves more than you!

To My Family & Friends ~ Mom, Dad, Dee & Tony ~ Without you, this means nothing.

And to just a few of the partners who have become friends...In no particular order...

Brian Derck of BDMD ~ You took what was is my head and made it my mark.  You are a friend, a confidant, and quite simply the best damn marketing guy in the business!  I would never have gotten here without you.

Tracy Kumer ~ I cannot thank you enough for your support and friendship!

Ricky G of Memory Lane ~ You embraced me without so much as a hello.  I adore you!

Naakiti Floral ~ For never-failing to go above and beyond to create the most magical environiments.

Dalisa & John Michael Cooper of Alt F ~ Thank you for capturing the moments and making them look breathtakingly beautiful.  Your friendship, generosity, and the way you look at the world continue to surprise and inspire me!

LaVey and Janine of Your Beauty Call ~ Artists!  I could not ask for more!

Adam Trujillo Photography ~ You have been such a gentleman! Thank you for the laughs, the time and the headshots!

The SBE Family ~ With you I have the unique ability to create environments for couples and corporations!  What a gift to be equally inspired by both!

The New York Times & Los Angeles Times ~ That you continue to include me in anything is an honor!  I get giddy just thinking about it!

Las Vegas Bride & Beautiful Bride Magazine ~ You honor me in ways that I cannot comprehend!  Thank you for recognizing the years it took to get here and the work that we produced.

Melinda Sheckells of Vegas Rates ~ Truly, just a cool chick that I am lucky to call a friend!

I could go on and on ~ Dance the Night Away, Enchanted Floral, Juliet Douglas, Chelsea Nicole and everyone at PUG, Sight & Sound, Gimme Some Sugar, Alligator Soup & more ~ What can I say beyond thank you, thank you, thank you!

One down & a lifetime to go....

To My Couples

Past, Present & Future...I continue to fall in love with each of you over and over again.

Wedding Planning with Andrea Eppolito.  Located in Las Vegas & Wedding Planning throughout the world!

Wedding Planning with Andrea Eppolito.  Located in Las Vegas & Wedding Planning throughout the world!