Kate Bosworth's Wedding Dress Fitting Courtesy of People

Simply put, I have never seen anything like this before!

Earlier today I asked what blog topic you would like to see.  The top requests were for cakes, tablescapes, and...of course...the dress.  So imagine my delight when I stopped to read the news (and by the news, I mean People online!) and saw a piece dedicated to Kate Bosworth's wedding dress.

I rarely cover celebrity weddings on my blog, but this video via People and Vogue Weddings is like nothing I have seen before!  First, can we take a moment to just look at Kate Bosworth. I mean...Stunning.

And then Oscar.  Oh, Oscar.  In real life, he and I are not on a first name basis, but oh how I love him!  And this dress just slays me!  The simplicity and elegant design are elements that I personally aspire to in my own taste and wardrobe.  And while I go crazy for tulle and layers and Swarovski and more, the way that this dress just stands there as if to say, "Yes" is startling and thrilling to me.

More than anything, what I really love is the behind the scenes element.  You know I am all about the behind the scenes!  In this case, we are able to watch the imagination and process of  a living legend (Oscar de la Renta) as he collaborates with his muse of the moment.  How, even on a dress that looks so simple to the casual observer, there are a myriad of details to consider in terms of the color, the fabric, the architectural design elements of the back, and the train.

Now, I know that this dress may not be a favorite of the masses, but I love it.  There is something already iconic about it.  For me, this piece signals a shift in perspective and personality.  What it means to make a statement has changed with this piece.  In truth, it reminds me of the moment we all had when Carolyn Bessette Kennedy came out of the chapel in that Narciso Rodriguez.

I secretly hope that we get to see much more of this style and design.  Where the front of the dress let's the beauty of the bride stand on its own, where the craft and fabric and luxury of the construction serve as more than enough and where there is one surprising feature that elevates the entire look from formal to fantasy-bridal.

If you have any thoughts on this dress, I'd love to hear them!  Leave your comments below...