Jessica Simpson & Carolina Herrera Discuss Her Wedding Gown

While Jessica Simpson's was preparing to wed Eric Johnson, I was stalking the internet, desperate for any leaked photo so I could catch a glimpse of her.

My husband asked me, "Who's doing the pictures?"  

"It hasn't been announced," I said, "But if it I were the wedding planner, I'd go with Elizabeth Messina.  She's got such a beautiful eye.  Everything she does is flawless."  

"Who's doing the dress?" he asked.  

I was stumped!  "No idea!" I said, "But I am dying to see what she wears! She looks great right now."  

My husband nodded and said, "She's gonna look beautiful."

The next morning when released the first official bridal portrait I smiled and said, "See?  Elizabeth Messina."  I love being right!

What I didn't see coming, what floored me, and what I thought was such an inspired choice was a wedding dress by The House of Herrera designed, of course, by the iconic Carolina Herrera herself.

What a classic, elegant, and just breathtaking choice!  Jessica Simpson has grown up before our eyes, transforming herself from the virginal pop-star bride to a young woman finding her way.  She endured the critics and the weight gain, the tabloid romances, and she's finally emerged as a strong, successful woman, a business mogul, a mother, and - once again - a bride.

What I love about this dress choice is that it shows how far she's come in terms of her personal style.  Rather than relying on the expected "bridal" houses, she really went out and found a couture designer that worked with her to make a statement.  Encore Brides often find that they feel free to wear something unexpected, and plan for the wedding they really want the second time around.  It's as if they having been released from the expectations and traditions that a first time bride often feels pressured to succumb to.

Jessica Simpson made a beautiful bride, and I continue to wait with baited breath for People to hit newsstands later today.  Until then, I am enjoying the video of Jessica and "Ms. Herrera" as she calls her going through the inspiration board together, along with the sneak peek photos that the magazine and Elizabeth Messina were kind enough to share with

With a team assembled by Wedding Planner Mindy Weiss, florals by Mark's Garden, photos by Elizabeth Messina, and a gown by Carolina Herrera, I am certain that this wedding will become an all time favorite, certain to inspire brides-to-be for years!

Thoughts on the photo? The hair? The dress?  Leave a comment below...


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Bridal Portrait by Elizabeth Messina for   ELIZABETH MESSINA/CORNY DOG, INC/GETTY

Bridal Portrait by Elizabeth Messina for  ELIZABETH MESSINA/CORNY DOG, INC/GETTY

People Magazine's Cover - July 9, 2014

People Magazine's Cover - July 9, 2014

Sketch by Carolina Herrera. Exclusive.    INSET: DIMITRIOS KAMBOURIS

Sketch by Carolina Herrera. Exclusive.  INSET: DIMITRIOS KAMBOURIS

Inspiration Board by Carolina Herrera. Exclusive.    COURTESY CAROLINA HERRERA

Inspiration Board by Carolina Herrera. Exclusive.  COURTESY CAROLINA HERRERA