Javier Valentino | Couture Floral and Event Design

Javier Valentino specializes in over the top event design.

Javier Valentino...What a designer!  His new studio in Town Square is a wedding planner's dream come true!  Floor to ceiling windows, stunning white walls, rows and rows of gorgeous vases, and vignettes created around the space are all there to serve as inspiration and to allow couples the breathing room to play.

While Javier started out in sales, he knew that he was not meant to live his life behind a desk.  A natural at planning parties and crafting unique experiences, he was constantly tasked with arranging the team's events.  He felt energized by the process, and sought education and inspiration at TISOH, with Kesh Designs, and alongside Eddie Zaratsian.  As he honed his craft, he developed his own style punctuated by opulence, texture, and luxe details.  His love of couture fashion heavily influences his design, and inspires him to mix colors, styles, and patterns when creating tablescapes for his couples.

Pretty words for pretty work, but the truth is that he is just bad ass!  Javier and I share a love of opulence and believe that more is more is more, and we never met a space we didn't want to tear apart and rebuild into something new.  We are already working together, sharing couples and sketching out plans for the future.  I believe that his showroom is introducing a new level of design to the city, and that he is breathing new life into wedding florals for our clients.  Javier isn't afraid to go over the top.  He doesn't shy away from the idea of making grand statements, and his commitment to luxury is unsurpassed.

Javier is going to do big things in this industry, and I am so excited to walk along side him as a partner in this journey!  Get to know him by visiting his website here and checking out his Instagram here.   And don't forget to leave him a little love in the comments below!


Las Vegas Florist Javier Valentino.  Photo by Chelsea Nicole.
Javier Valentino's Studio in Town Square Las Vegas. 
White on white wedding decor. 
A floral wall makes for s great instagram moment at Javier Valentino. 
Large mirror against a hedge all with white floral accents.  
This long table features over the top centerpieces in shades of purple, with capped garland at the end.  Photo by Adam Trujillo.  Purple wedding. 
Pink and white wedding with tall centerpieces and gold accents.  Photo by Chelsea Nicole.  
Big white flowers at an over the top wedding ceremony.  Photo by Adam Trujillo.
Upscale, expensive wedding details like custom chairs, tables with thick floral runners, and lanterns add texture and interest to a long wedding banquet table.  Photo by Adam Trujillo. 
Couples wanting an enchanted forrest lean towards greenery and flowing white flowers in a beautiful outdoor wedding.  Florals by Javier Valentino.  Photo by Adam Trujillo.  
A stilt walker at the entrance of a wedding.  Photo by Adam Trujillo.