It Works! Body Wraps - Getting Ready for Your Wedding

It Works!  I've used their products, and they deliver!

It Works!  I've used their products, and they deliver!

About 10 years ago during what I affectionately refer to as my "chubby" phase I was about to take a cruise with my girlfriends, and I was looking for something to give me a little bit of a confidence boost. I'd seen full body wraps on TV and online where they claimed that ace bandages and a natural solution would pull out toxins and leave you with a tighter, more toned appearance. There was even a demonstration with Ellen!  I thought, "Why not?" and promptly made an appointment at the nearest (and only) wrap place I could find. It cost me over $125 and took more than an hour to get wrapped, to be sprayed, to work out and wait for the hour and get unwrapped, but in the end, I was over 16 inches smaller! Really!  Right then and there I invested in a 10 Wrap Package, and over the next few weeks I quite a bit of time and money in those wrapping sessions, but always with amazing results.

The immediate results motivated me to get healthy and get in shape.  But each and every time I had a special event, I ran right back to the wraps!  When the shopped closed down 2 years later I was crushed. So imagine how thrilled I was when I got an email from Erin Mills, long time high school friend and fellow wedding professional, telling me that she recently began working with a line that sells - wait for it - wraps you can do AT HOME!

Still, I was a little skeptical. The wraps I knew involved ace bandages, squirt bottle solutions and - I kid you not - an hour-long workout on the Tony Little Gazelle with a raincoat on. How could something that comes prepackaged possibly work as well?

I didn't know what to think, but I agreed to try it. And I have to say, I dig it! The wraps are small, smell really nice, and they are made of a high quality fabric. They go on easier than I expected, and it took me seriously less than 5 minutes to open the package, position it, wrap myself and go. I'm not about to share the before and after photos (mamma is WAY to vain for that) but I will say that I was smaller, tighter, and firmer at the end of my one hour wrap than I was at the beginning. Best part? I got even a tiny bit more toned over the course of the next few days!

Now, I wrapped the tummy, which is awesome for the honeymoon! But what is everyone looking at on your big day? Your arms! Your back! Your neck! And you can wrap these areas, too! Do it two - three times a week and I guarantee you that you'll look and feel tighter and smaller.

I'm hooked all over again!

It's Beyond the wraps the company offers an entire product line made of all natural products that can help you with all sorts of things. There are the fruity tasting crystal "Greens" that taste like punch that I can slip into my husband's tea to get him his veggie serving, the fat blocker for those random road trips that inevitably include a not-that-healthy meal, energy boosters, the works! And they work!

Now, do you lose as much as you would at one of those $300 per session in-salon experiences? No, you don't. Or at least I didn't. But you also don't spend $300 or have to be there for 2 hours, and you aren't subjected to the Gazelle or any of the other things that make women and men cringe! This is easy and affordable. It gives you just the edge you need to feel super sexy on your wedding day...And isn't that what matters.

So get your wrap on! You can contact Erin Mills via her It Works Website. And if you set yourself up to order 3 products for 3 months you become a VIP Member and will forever enjoy discounts!

You know the drill - Nothing will replace diet and exercise, and this is not a forever fix! But every now and then you just need a little boost, a little sumptin' sumptin' to make you feel your sexiest!

So go get your wrap on! It works!