Introducing Heidi Houston Loungewear | Your New Favorite Thing!

It's Saturday morning.  I'm sitting at my desk, drinking a cup of coffee, and literally just feeling amazing in my new Heidi Houston caftan...Love it hard!  So much so, that I HAD to share it with you!

Years ago I planned the wedding of the beyond beautiful Hayley and Bryan.  This wedding was truly a family affair, with the parents and sister of the bride often joining us at tasting, dress fittings, and decor demos.  Halfway through the planning process they started to refer to me as "framily" - More than a friend, but not quite a blood relative.  We all fell deeply in love with each other, and when the entire clan moved to Texas I was just a bit heartbroken.  We have stayed in touch over the years, with me watching from afar as the family grew, the babies got bigger, and life got busier - as it always done.

Yet Hayley's sister, Heidi, always looks perfect, despite having two small boys and a husband. She started rocking these seriously glam caftans and loungewear pieces, and I reached out because I had to have them!  Turns out, Heidi and Co. had designed the pieces and were in the midst of a launch.  The minute it launched the caftans, robes, and jammies sold out IMMEDIATELY!  But being framily has it's privileges, and soon I was in possession of my very own caftan and robe!

Add these to the Things I Love list!  The colors....Fab!  The feel of the fabric....Thick enough to feel important and polished, but soft enough to breath and lay around in.  The best part....I can now relax, cook dinner, snuggle with my kids, and even run out of the house without looking homeless or mentally unstable. Made of the most incredible fabric that somehow does not hold wrinkles or stains (despite the unmentionables that I have dropped on it!) these pieces have changed how I get dressed every day.

Look, I'm busy.  I have two kids, a husband, clients, and businesses...Not to mention friends and a life and a million things I want to do.  Plus I am 40!!!  Way to old to be running errands in tattered yoga pants and my husband's T-shirt!  That isn't who I am.  I want to look good.  I want to feel good.  I need to be comfortable.  And I need to be able to do all of this without spending an hour in my closet.  Now, every day I wake up, freshen my face, spend a few minutes brushing out or tying back my hair, and I slip into my caftan.  Or, I put on cargo pants, a tank, and I leave the robe open like a kimono.  Throw on a necklace and earrings and BOOM!  I'm dressed.  No more embarrassment over an unexpected visitor.  No hiding my face if I have to run to the store. No stress about whether or not I look ok.  I look 1970's Rachel Zoe fabulous and chic!  Okay...I don't look like Rachel Zoe.  But I feel like I could, and that's almost exactly the same thing!

Sadly, the Summer Collection is already gone, but there are a few pieces I will adding....I've got my eye on the Marie Tank and Eva Pant....Can you say airport wear! If I were smart, I would keep this to myself and avoid the unfortunate SOLD OUT notice next time I go to buy.  But the truth is I feel better in these than I do in any other casual wear items I own....And I want everyone to feel (and look!) this damn good!  

Could you imagine giving this to your mother, or mother in law to be?  Or putting all of your girls in the jammies while you get ready?  And could you just die traveling to your honeymoon in the pants?  

Check our Heidi Houston online and follow them on Instagram to see how we are all styling our pieces.

PS - This is not an ad!  It's just love for a brand that I am obsessed with!


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The Eva Pant and Marie Tank
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