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Extraordinary people with extraordinary lives plan once in a lifetime weddings. Why should their honeymoons be any different? That’s where WedAways comes in.

Extraordinary people with extraordinary lives plan once in a lifetime weddings. Why should their honeymoons be any different?

At first, I was a fan of Renee Strauss. I loved her bridal boutique in Beverly Hills, and I loved her reality show. She had the most darling personality, and when we met at Wedding MBA in 2008 we immediately became friends. Through the years I have watched her transform from a store owner to personality and influencer, and then to attache to Italy. Her love of international travel lead her to the creation of WedAways, an online resource for couples seeking venues and vendors throughout the world for luxury destination weddings.

Now, Renee and her daughter, Pamela, have expanded WedAways to also offer honeymoon planning services. This is what got me really excited, as my couples love planning longer honeymoons in far away places. Over the years, my clients have booked everything from 2 weeks in Italy to a month moving between Dubai, India, and the Maldives. Some couples have explored China, while others prefer South America and the Caribbean. Each couple has their own perspective on the world, and they are all looking to experience something unusual and exclusive.

As someone who has traveling internationally since my 20’s, I was never 100% sure of what I was booking or where I was going. In the “olden days” I would walk into a travel agency and ask for suggestions. Later, I would look through the internet and search blogs. But today, I prefer to work with companies that specialize in luxury travel and experiences. By engaging the travel experts at WedAways, you know that you will work with a team that has been to the locations you are considering. They have deep, personal relationships with the concierges and tour operators, they understand the local culture, and they have the very best recommendations for off the beaten path restaurants and haunts.

Check out some of the gorgeous spaces they work in and the honeymoons they have planned. Interested? Of course you are! Which is good, because WedAways is now offering their service to my clients. Send me an email and I will introduce you personally. Or simply contact Pamela with WedAways and let her know that I sent you. She and her team will provide you with first class service and a honeymoon tailored to your every wish.



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