Happy New Year! And a look back at my favorite moments of 2013

Las Vegas Wedding Planner at Bellagio

Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito wishes you a happy new year and shares a few of her favorite moments from 2013.

To each & every couple that invited me into their lives this last year...Thank you with much love!

To those whose journeys are just beginning...I cannot wait to see what 2014 brings.  I promise to work for you and with you, to be your cheerleader, your advocate, your gladiator, and your friend.

To my friends, partners, task masters, and to each person who has given me support and encouragement...I am eternally grateful.

To my husband...Without you, none of it means anything. And it is because of you that I know what love is and how to express it in all forms.

To 2013...Thank you for keeping us safe, bringing us love, and taking us all one step closer to happiness.

To 2014...It's on! Let's do this!

Happy New Year! I wish you laughter, luxury, and above all else...I wish you love.